Rudiments for a drumset player?

Hi all,

I just started learning the drumset about 3 months ago and as part of my practice I’ve been learning some stuff called “Rudiments” from the Vic Firth website and I can see that this could get time consuming as the level increases.

My question is; do you think this kind of practice is necessary for me as I just intend to use my drumset playing to accompany my church music band and I don’t really need to do anything particularly fancy? In fact my main aim is to supply a solid, in time, rhythmic backing.

Would I be better off solely concentrating on following a drum-set tutor (something I’m already doing)?



Rudiments are by definition the basics of technique for drummers. If you are not interested in actually playing drums properly or with any quality, then don’t bother with rudiments.

I’m more interested in what kind of drum teacher would not teach rudiments?


Rudiments are the words of drumming. If you don’t want to speak many words don’t bother learning the language.

You don’t need to consciously use the rudiments when playing, but then you rarely consciously think about most of the word you speak either – they just come out when you talk.

Aside from that practicing them helps immensely with hand dexterity.

Try practicing rudiments with one hand and one foot, then the other hand and other foot, then both feet. Example: Play 1/16 note paradiddle with your left hand (snare) and right foot (kick) while doing straight quarter then 1/8 notes on the ride. It might be easy when not playing the ride.