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who of you use a drum machine or wav. drum tracks to produce your music. What do you use…Drums on Demand etc.
I don’t have a drummer and I can do some pretty good stuf but I’m always looking to find something else. I use a Zoom 323 and reason software that came with my usb omnistudio…both very versatile.
Thanks in advance

I use Reason 2.0 and find it pretty cool. Probably a waste that I don’t know how to do much else with that software other than use it’s ‘Redrum’ feature.

A friend of mine has been telling me to get a drum machine (I think he uses Zoom too). I am keeping it in mind, but don’t like the idea of relying on my fingers on those little buttons to create the parts.

I use a program called drumsite, currently I’m using the natural studio samples I think. Pretty nice combo-not loop based though.


An 27 MB soundbank home made of samples from all over the 'net and various mag cover disks. Compiled a new version just recently, very happy with it. With a good midi programming, can sound pretty much like a real drummer with real drums. :cool:

(The soundbank is in .94B format for Guillemot Maxi Studio Isis and Hoontech souncards. You can download it free from my .94B page.)

I’m using Linplug’s RMlll http://www.linplug.com/ with the afore-mentioned free samples from natural studio called “nskit” http://www.natural-studio.co.uk/.

Mike F

leafdrums and Tom Hicks samples

fruity loops



second on the fruity loops

Fruity Loops

Fruity loops seems like a powerful tool, but are there any realistic sounding drum sounds that are downloadable somewhere? ie, not techno sounding?



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Fruity loops seems like a powerful tool, but are there any realistic sounding drum sounds that are downloadable somewhere? ie, not techno sounding?



there are some decent sounds at


you have to be signed in at the FL Studio site though and be a registered user.



I’ve been eyeing on Cakewalk’s Project 5…has anyone used this?

I use the drum sounds in my Ensoniq MR76, and play drum parts in from my MIDI keyboard. If I didn’t have the Ensoniq, I’d use sfz and Tom Hick’s drums.

When you play a drum part in on the keyboard, it has a lot more life and dynamics than when it’s programmed in or built from loops. However, for some kinds of rock and blues, solid is the thing more than “life and dynamics”, and patterns (programs or loops) work better for that.

ACID PRO!!! there is no substitute!!! :D

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leafdrums and Tom Hicks samples

pcdrummer and Tom Hicks samples.

Fruity Loops - Great program kinda spendy but easy to use.
Hydrogen - gpl licensed for linux - great accoustic drum samples, similar interface to Fruity and Free!


Guys guys guys you don’t need FL or whatever, just learn how to use the capabilites in n-Track! :)

You’re right, Tom, but these other programs make it a lot easier to play with drum patterns until you “get it right”, because you can loop properly. n-Track loops, but it glitches at the endpoints and doesn’t keep a steady rhythm there. With the looping programs, you can loop a measure or two and hear how a drum pattern sounds as you edit it.

Unfortunately, though, when you’re done with a looping program, you usually end up with drums that don’t vary enough from measure to measure. Fine for certain kinds of rock where the drummer is supposed to sound like a machine, but not what I generally like for the kind of music I like best. However, I have heard people put together very natural sounding drum tracks starting with loops and then adjusting (and adjusting, and adjusting …) But frankly, I’m a bit of a klutz, and if I can do it then I think anyone can: playing drums in on a velocity-sensitive MIDI keyboard. Perhaps it’s just me, but I can control the expression a lot better using a keyboard that’s weighted as well.

I usually start by playing the bass and snare with my left hand, and hihat with my right (gee, fancy that!) Since this is only two keys for each hand when using a GM drum map, it’s pretty easy to play even if you’re not a keyboard player, after some practice. Then on subsequent passes I add cymbals and toms. On the first pass, I often rest or just play bass drum through where I’m going to put a variation (e.g., a pickup leading into to a new part) ,to leave room for it later.

I can always edit MIDI to fix my timing mistakes, so I concentrate more on feel and dynamics than on precise timing. Then I only fix the timing mistakes, so no artificial “humanization” is needed.

I totally agree, Learjeff, and I use Orion for looping - it’s a very nice program, easier to me than FL. But like you say, loops sound like loops, and one thing that’s easier to do in n-Track is get variation - by actually playing it on a midi keyboard like you do or even when step programming it. i liked the VSTi drums I did in n-Track better than what I got from any of the loop based programs. ACID is a different creature - prerecorded loops…well they can sound fabulous, but again there are variation problems. Gad, I hate taking the time to program correctly…

About the only thing programs like FL and Orion do really really well is “4 on the floor” electronic dance stuff. Which is totally excellent, I love a lot of that stuff, but ya just can’t coax Fats Waller out of FL and the MDA piano. :)

ya just can't coax Fats Waller out of FL and the MDA piano
Maybe a little Art Tatum? ... well, perhaps there's no such thing as a "little Art Tatum".