Need help on drum recording

Hello all,

i’m searching for (preferably low priced/free) drum-software that is able to render the sound into wav-files to import them into ntrack.
I’m aware of leafdrums and have tried it - it’s quite good. Is there any other software-solutions that you know and can recommend?

MIDI-drums are no good cause my soundcard is’nt capable of recording it’s midi-output and programming drums via the piano roll is clumsy.

Thanks in advance.


Tuareg from www.brambos.com

Stomper www.master-zap.com/stomper/

Have you considered a vst plugin? You could get a sound font player (vst) and then load a drum soundfont. You can then render this to wav within N.

If your soundcard has an output and an input (analogue) are you not able to plug the out to the in, so to speak? You may get some time delays in this method, but should be able to record what your sound card is playing (and from midi)


thanks for the suggestions. I downloaded Stomper/LDB and will give it a try.

The VST-Plugin-suggestion sounds interesting, too.

Another possibility may be to get a better soundcard that is capable of recording it’s midi playback. Any suggestions what card to get?

Thanks again,