DrWeakminded really John 'Low IQ' Kerry ?

or could he be Osama … Mmmm

Can this be Dr.Weakminded ???

The propaganda is the same.
The views are the same.
The same borish, childish message .
The same LOW I.Q.

Could it be ??

How can you really tell the difference between kerry, Osama and DrWeakminded ?
Or Poo Poo, and MidnightCharlie ?
They all say the same thing …

Mmmmm … Could it be :D

Ali bin Gali :cool:

My guess …
Dr.Weakminded is really … John ‘Low I.Q.’ kerry
MidnightToker is really … Osama bin Toker
Doo Doo … is really Bagdad Bob ( Saddam’s Buttboy )

you never know infidels, you never know …

Tom Brokaw
NBC News
Updated: 6:41 p.m. ET Oct. 28, 2004

Brokaw: Someone has analyzed the President’s military aptitude tests and yours,
and concluded that he has a higher IQ than you do.

Kerry: That’s great. More power. I don’t know how they’ve
done it, because my record is not public. So I don’t know
where you’re getting that from.

Brokaw: Do you think he’s a smart man?

Kerry: I do. Yes, I do think he’s a smart man.

Brokaw: Do you think too many people in your party underestimate?

Kerry: I think people have always underestimated
President Bush. But I’m proud that in those debates,
I didn’t underestimate him.

Like I said, how can you tell the difference ???

N.Y. Post

November 1, 2004 – WASHINGTON - Osama bin Laden warned in his
October Surprise video that he will be closely monitoring the state-
by-state election returns in tomorrow’s presidential race — and will
spare any state that votes against President Bush from being
, according to a new analysis of his statement.

The respected Middle East Media Research Institute, which monitors
and translates Arabic media and Internet sites, said initial
translations of a key portion of bin Laden’s video rant to the
American people Friday night missed an ostentatious bid by the Saudi-
born terror master to divide American voters and tilt the election
towards Democratic challenger John Kerry.

MEMRI said radical Islamist commentators monitored over the Internet
this past weekend also interpreted the key passage of bin Laden’s
diatribe to mean that any U.S. state that votes to elect Bush on
Tuesday will be considered an “enemy” and any state that votes for
Kerry has "chosen to make peace with us."

The statement in question is when bin Laden said on the tape: "Your
security is up to you, and any state that does not toy with our
security automatically guarantees its own security."

That sentence followed a lengthy passage in the video in which bin
Laden launches personal attacks on the president.

I don’t know my friends, I still can’t tell the difference
between the rantings of kerry, Dr. Weakminded, and Osama …

Can you? ???

Ali bin Gali :cool: