good with N-tracks?

Hi all. I’ve seen some reviews out there for the DS-008 drum synth/sample playback instrument. They’ve all been glowing, though of course I’m always a little wary of planted reviews by manufacturers. Anyone have any experience with this in the N-tracks world? Also, I’m thinking about using Slicy Drummer or Groove Monkee in combination with the DS-008. Any info on these systems would be appreciated. The music I do primarily uses 4/4 and 3/4 meters in rock, pop, etc. But I’ll also do some stuff in “world music” drum patterns as well. I need a library of patterns that won’t lock me into what’s currently popular and therefore unsurprising in the rock, pop or alternaive scenes…

I’m interested in the wave-based drum samples out there too but a bit worried about flexibility. If anyone knows of something that is easily editable and versatile I’d love to hear about it. I’m NOT a drummer unfortunately (and I live in a tiny apartment in Brooklyn, NY) so I have to do this via software.

Thanks :slight_smile: