Dual Core and nTrack?

Hey all;

I’m thinking about going to a dual core system, as I’ve heard some amazing improvements can be gotten. Have any of you switched to dual core? AMD or Intel? I’ve seen reports of like 50-100% speed increases. Anyone else seeing these? Can nTrack even take advantage of a dual core processor? Will dual cores run on Windows 2K?

Man that’s a lot of questions…


I have an HP Pavillion with an AMD dual core Athalon 64 3800+ (XP Media Centre) and have been very pleased with it’s performance, even though it’s 2 years old. n-Track does take advantage of the dual core quite nicely. I’ve also used Adobe Premiere Elements for some video work and it has worked very well.

Regarding your question whether W2K will work, even NT 4.0 made use of multiple CPU’s. So I would imagine W2K would be fine.


dual core will definately help. No problems with it from me. I have run both the AMD 62 X2 and the Intel Duo Core 2 - the Intel runs cooler and quieter for me, but I have read just the oposite form some sourses. So, either way a dual core is the way to go.

Ya I’m sure it will be an improvement, but was it huge? Some of the comments I read on various reports were just amazing. Like 120 tracks with 75 plugins with CPU at 25%. Did you see a really big improvement? If it delivers half of the CPU use, it’s definitely worth the upgrade, otherwise… well I suppose you could be forever upgrading right? I’d like to limit my upgrading to substantial increases in performance.