Dual Processors

Q: Does n-Track support Mulitprocessors?

I’ve got a dual 800Mhz PIII and I was wondering if n-Track uses the second processor.

Anyone know?

No. What’s your os?

My OS is Windows XP. I know that WinXP supports 2 CPU’s but I wasn’t sure if n-track was designed for it.

Unless things have changed in version 4, I don’t think so.

When I had a duel processor system (back in the early days of version 3), the second processor would help in the sense that it could handle background tasks that might interrupt n-track, as well as help menus work smoothly under load, etc. But as soon as CPU usage topped 50% during playback, the walls came tumbling down. :)

I also experienced a number of sound card challenges and timing issues, but I imagine that’s card specific. (Perhaps drivers in XP are more duel processor friendly and robust now?)

To the extent that nTrack uses threads, you may see some boost. You may just see a little boost because the OS will put the nTrack thread on one CPU and keep the OS functions on another.

However, given the inherent nature of digital audio, it doesn’t lend itself easily to parallel processing. Read this article for more insight - Multiprocessing in SONAR 3.1.