Infinity rains

Hi D,
Hey didn’t you recently mention a software prog that will cause a note to play on and on? If that wasn’t you, maybe you remember who it was. Wondering what the name of that program is.

You mean a sampler?
ReaSample perhaps?

I was talking about automating ReaDelay in Reaper. It’s an included delay plugin in Reaper Levi.

You can sustain a note on the guitar (or whatever) and via automation envelope drawing, slowly raise the feedback parameter in ReaDelay to keep it going and going and… Gotta be careful though! Self-oscillation and terrible noises can ensue!!

You can probably do it with n’ tempo delay VST. Never tried it. Just stick it on a track, click the automation icon…

Side note: Why does it look that way? What the heck does a little black door stop lookin’ thang have to do with track automation envelopes?!?!? HUH?

Choose the inserted n Tempo Delay and the paramataers (Feedback L, Feedback R whichever) and draw in your feedback. It might do the same as ReaDelay. I bet it’ll be interesting whatever happens.


You mean like that bit in “more than a feeling” where the singer seems to have lungs the size of bellows?

Quote: (Bubbagump @ Jan. 27 2009, 12:57 PM)

You mean a sampler?
ReaSample perhaps?
Yes reaper can do that if one stands on their tip toes and suckles.

Thx Bubba
Thx D, I keep thinking about the pittiful note that I want to extend (effects started wildly ossolating just when I needed a pure sounding whole note.
After thinking about it, it's probably easier to pick up the sweet axe.
Sorry to bother.
Not needed for vox Thomas and I sure don't know the reference your pointing at.
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