Dumb question

Learjeff, how odd is this: the output is fine when unbalanced from 1 and 2 or 2 and 3 - it came with 2 and 3 connected. Nothing when conneted to the ground with 1, or ground with 2, or ground with 3.

So anyway the next time I have any of my really rock and roll friends down to record I’m gonna run it like this: Bellari tube MP to TOA comp at 4/1 with a slowish release to the sound card. Lotsa distortion of both tube and analog type in there. :)

Gotta try it on guitar too.

OK, I tried a guitar through it this afternoon. It actually sounds really good. Very close to a Big Star sound with my strat through a little Vox pathfinder. No fooling.

I’m happy! :)

OK, clearly my guesses didn’t hit pay dirt. Glad it’s working out for you!

You might want to get a savvy electronic geek to take a look at the circuit, there might be better clues about what those outputs really are. Also, you should check and make sure you’re not getting a DC offset. Most likely not, if it’s sounding good, but it’s sure easy to check just by looking at the waveforms in n-Track.

Good, I will go look for that, thank you. Why would it have one?


Oh, just being a worry wart. Since we don’t know what those outputs are, maybe we’re goofing up. Things can be terribly goofed up and still sound good (esp DC offset).

Check. Thanks! :)