Dunno what to do with this one....

What should I do with it?
Mix as it is? Redo with a different arrangement and drums? Redo without any bells or whistles? Anyone else fancy doing the backing?

I really dont know…does that mean I should can it?

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Whoa, dude!!! Elvis C, eat your heart out.
Lovin’ it. I’d love to jump in. Let’s throw the kitchen sink at it:-)
Big Country beat, Slide guit, Tabernacle chorus.

I love it exactly the way it is. :agree:


You ought ground that amp and get rid of that hmmmmmm, Levi. :)

Yo…I’m with Tony. Big Country drums at 0.35, huge gospel choir for the chorus, some screaming Soul-Sister behind the choir. The potential is huge because the chorus is just…Classic!
Ok let’s form the tabernacle choir, that’s You, Tony, Tom and Me…anyone else in

Spreadie…it’s a great song mate!

You can get the choir and soul-sister here The Spirit Carries On

Quote: (TomS @ Jul. 05 2011, 9:46 PM)

You ought ground that amp and get rid of that hmmmmmm, Levi.

Am surprised that soundclick isn't smartphone compatible. Band camp is

I did put an old create amp on layaway just before hittin the rd. So I'll have to upgrade from that one to one with no hmmmm

Ah, you guys are gonna ruin the song! simplicity! It’s the voice, and Spreader has it! No need to cover it up! :p

You old spoil-sport, Tom.
Go-on, Craig, SMASH it, you know you wanna.

Im easy either way!
Quote: (spreadercraig @ Jul. 06 2011, 4:12 PM)

Im easy either way!

Sorted. Do an un-plugged purist take for Tom and then get your tricks out for the lads.

…I was kinda hopin someone could help out…

So, what’yuh thinkin’, Batman?

I’ll do the vox and someone else does the music! :laugh:


I had to delete or remove my post. And added the nodding smiley because I wanted to be friendly
Not because I’m agreeing or disagreeing with any one or anything in particular :laugh:

This is backing you can use sometime Craig if you care to

But…but…but I like the backing you have, Craig, it’s totally your style.