DX Instrument Problem - VSTi works OK Though?

N-Track 4 MIDI Playback Using DXi fails

I have recently begun using Soft Synths in N-Track, and so far, I can get no love from DX instruments when playing back a MIDI track, and yet the same instrument’s VST version plays fine - what I am I doing wrong?

I can get DX instruments to play, but ONLY when the LIVE button is active, and ONLY interactively, i.e. via keyboard input or clicking on the piano roll, etc. When MIDI data is recorded, it never plays back, even though I can still click on the piano keys and hear a response, etc., and also see VU meter activity FROM the track (not in the Master out though, except interactively, etc.). The output for the track is always the Instrument, etc.

I have used Dimension Pro in both VST and DX versions, and same thing happens - no recorded playback with DX, but VST works just fine.

I know some soft synths only come in DXi, and would like to be able to use them fully in N-Track. -Help? ???