Dying In Vegas

Lend me your ears…

Do you guys find all of a sudden you’ve got a bunch of songs ready to master? Then you can’t tell if things are mixed right or not - it all starts to sound mushy. I try to mix with headphones, then listen without eq on really cheap speakers etc… After an hour I can’t tell up from down. Thanks to anyone who listens. [/URL] :laugh:

The song is called ‘Dying In Vegas’

[URL=http://danlachance.bravehost.com/]Dying In Vegas

Sorry - the first link isn’t working now - this one works!



On the whole, very smooth, sounds nice, well recorded. Of course, there’s always a but… :D

The vocals are completely drowned by the guitar chords during the opening sequence.
I found the vocals too quiet throughout the whole of the song. As a rough rule-of-thumb I like the vocals at the same loudness as the snare.
The snare drum I found very disconcerting being panned so far to the side.

I really liked “The Party’s In The Basement” some great harmonies there.


Thanks Steve,

I think when I mastered / stero compressed the final mix some things happened, like the snare drum being panned etc…your input will help when I do a final mixdown. Thanks!