e-mu 0404 sound card system

ntrack does not see signal

My registered vr of ntrack 2.03 i have a new sound card an e-mu 0404. I can pass an anolog signal in and back out but ntrack does not see the signal is anyone fimiliar with this sound card and has got it working with ntrack.

In the Emu mixer, create sends on each of the channels you want to record from. Then, be sure you have the drivers in N track set to ASIO EmuDSP or something similar. Then, in the record VU meter, click the hammer and choose which input channels you want to use form the EMu. Finally, click the center circle in the record VUs to chose how Ntrack will handle the new tracks. That ought to have you going.

i is elpin a mate rite now set a rig up n i see all these new sound cards n stuff got blinkin complex control panels
ya got set up outside the multitrker software
elped lotsa mates with this one. same evry time
blinkin sound card control panel thingy wasnt set up rite
not big N’s fault , these control panels shuld b mor user frendly