E-Mu 1616


Hey I’ve been using N-track forever, but I just recently purchased the E-MU 1616 card bus and when I try to use midi with my Casio Keyboard it works but there is a lot of latency or at least enough to really mess you up while playing. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this cause I’m new to midi and have no idea. Thanks

Latency? What are you using as the synth? The synth on the keyboard or the truely awful MS Software synth? If if is the latter, there is little you can do as the MS synth is real crap meant for games and those cheesy web pages called something like “Patty’s Puppy Page” that load Madonna’s greatest hits in the back ground. I would seriously consider using the built in synth on your Casio which would result in zero latency.

No I’m using ProteusXLE whixh came with the E-MU and I should mention that it works fine with no latency on CubaseLE but I hate Cubase and am an N-track user untill I can afford a ProToolsHD Setup which won’t be for many many many years.

In that case, it is just a matter of reducing your buffers until you get no clicking or pops yet have low latency. I find joy on my 1820M right around 7-10ms or so (you are using ASIO, right?). If it worked in Cubase but not N, I can almost bet you are using WDM drivers instead of ASIO. The latency should be nearly identical between Cubase and n-track if you are using ASIO.

What Bubba said… also, if you have done so already pop over to EMU’s site and grab the V1.81 driver and PatchMix. I installed them last night. Improvements WERE noticeable in ASIO performance and a few “new” features have been added.


Thanks alot guys I shall try your suggestions and will post if I have any luck(or don’t)