E-mu, anyone?


I’m about to buy an E-mu 1820 soundcard and breakout box on E-Bay. Has anybody used the new E-mu cards? Would the 1820M with the fancy converters be worth the extra money?

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I have an 1820M and really like it. Excellent bang for your buck card. With only $100 diff between the 1820 and 1820M, I don’t understand why EMU even marketed the 1820? I have not heard the 1820 so I can’t say if the difference is really that noticeable. The “M” version sounds great though.

My .02$


Read this thread. It tells you what I think.

Is there a way to read threads on AM w/o logging on, i.e., anonymously? You seem to be able to do that here.

I bought the 1820 not the m model, and am really pleased with it. It made me sell my motu 828mk2. I noticed the motu would tend to capture a little more bottom end which would seem to get out of hand at times. I’m recording in an untreated cinderblock basement. My reason for trying out the emu was the 192k sample rate. I was impressed!!! I wanted to use the extra $100 saved towards a mic. I’m tracking into an alesis hd24 and was set to mix in real time on the old analog desk because I wasn’t pleased with the performance of the software I was using. N-track changed that for me. It really lets me get that hard pumping sound. A sound that cubase can’t touch :D But I guess everyone in these forums already know that! Good luck on your purchase