E MU cards

E MU sound cards

Can someone give me some opinions on the E-MU cards as I’m looking to buy.



I don’t know which E-Mu card you plan to buy, but I have been using an E-Mu 1820 soundcard for about two years now and have been very pleased with the results so far. Especially at 24 bit, the sound is clear, crisp and open. The “smearing” of transients I remember from my SoundBlaster 128 PCI is competely absent, the drivers are stable, the routing facilities of the virtual mixer application are highly flexible, and it doesen’t cave in while under pressure. (I have tried to record on all the eight channels available at once - no problems)

The 1820 is out of production nowadays, but E-MU continues to make good equipment, even though they are owned by Creative…

regards, Nils

Great cards great sound, just have to get the patchmix dsp figured out. It’s a bit of a pain at first, but has tremmendous capabilities!


For anyone who may be interested, I bought E-MU 1616 pci card and it works like a charm, crystal clear recording with absolutely no lag problems. I’m using beta drivers for vista as the regular drivers are not out yet but to date I have experienced no problems.