E-mu drivers!

Hey everyone
I posted a problem about running 24 trks at once. What I found is That the program works pretty flawlessly since I rolled the drivers back for my e-mu 1820. I had downloaded the latest drivers and they worked fine in the steinberg stuff but didn’t want to cooperate with N. Now everything seems to be running smoothe :) Just to let anyone else know who might be running into problems.

After updating drivers it’s always a good idea to do a complete reset of the n-Tracks preferences and reset them. You may have done that, but I’ve caught myself not doing it more than one time (Echo cards). This is a good idea even when cards are taken out an reinserted into the machine. Windows will redetect them and reinstall (even if it’s not obvious) and that can change your preferences in a way that might cause unexpected difficulty. The most visible symptom is that the device selected in n-Tracks preferences isn’t the one you thought was selected.

Of course, it could be a driver problem, too. :)

Emu has new drivers up as of last Wednesday or so. I do know having spoken with Emu, that n-track is one of the applications that they are using to test with. I am using the Emu 1.02 drivers and they work swell with N. I will be getting the 1.6 drivers up in the next day or so.