E-mu drivers pt2!

I must be a bone head, I just installed the updated drivers&patchmix for my 1820 and when I fire N up and try to load a previous saved song, it just keeps saying scanning vst’s. I let it do that while I went outside to burn one (a camel that is) and after about 7 mins I had to do an end now, and shut down. Anyone else tried the new drivers? Please help. I downloaded the latest build of n and installed it and let it reload its new default setup. Still no luck. Thanks

I narrowed the problem down to the new “power fx” plug-in in the patch mix software. When I took it out of my vst plugs directory everything works. Maybe its not compatable with n yet? The updated drivers seem to work great.

Sound like Flavio might could use a link to the plug in. If it works in V3.3 and not 4.0 then he might want to grab that plug-in to test with.

The plugin doesn’t work without the hardware unfortunately. It works like a Powercore or UAD1. The plugin is just an interface to be able to use the hardware DSP.

It runs with my steinberg stuff. I use it with the 1820 breakout box. Its a vst effect insert so that you may use the emu plugs in your host app. Thanks

That’s why you should contact Flavio. I ususlly does see the forum, but that sounds like a real bug so filing a bug report is in order. (Assuming you haven’t.)

Yeah. I dropped him a line this morning. Thanks