E-Mu Soundcards

Anyone using?

Am in need of new sound card for Windows Vista, saw that E-Mu cards have driver support at their web site. Any one using an E-Mu card or have had one in the past? Any problems with n? Much thanks for any replies.

hey yaz,whats cookin man!! wozzy has a emu card and im happy with it,is my first experience with a soft mixer and effex and after i got around that it seems cool,ihavent had any kind of trouble using it with N run on xp pro,i think ya mite be happy with one too holmes.ciao,or dig ya later!

hey wozz man, sounds good. running vista here now and saw e-mu has vista drivers for most of their cards. thanks for the info.
keep on pickin’ :D

Hi Yaz ol’ bean!

I have had an 1820M since they first came out. I’ll cry like a baby if it ever keels over. I love it!


PS I’m still on XP though… and will be for a while yet…

Thanks for the info D, yep, stay on xp for aleast 2yrs. Vista is driving me nuts!

I’m looking at the E-Mu 0404, 2 in 2 out analog. But they do have the Vista driver support on their web site, so we’ll see.

Happy Father’s Day all you n-Tracking Dads!

thats a creative sound card product i just bought a new card it says its a creative company card and if you have seen the creaTIVE LOGO you know. its weird this card is creative and works with the program maybe older creative products don’t work.

I have an E-mu 1820 and it simply keeps amazing me with the routing flexibility and sound quality. (unfortunately, I couldn’t get an E-mu 1820m at the time, and now I’ve read that they ceased manufacture…sob).

FWIW, E-mu is working on Vista drivers at the time of writing, and they will be out sometime around june/july 2007. I’ll stick with XP for now, thank you…

BTW, E-mu was bought up by Creative about three years ago…

regards, Nils

Thanks for info guys, anyone experiencing problems since creative took over? I checked the web site and it said vista drivers available for several cards already with more coming.
I hate to buy something else that won’t work with Vista, got a room full of crap already!

Pulling what’s left of hair out Yaz!

The reason for my woes is I’m running a RealTek HD 5.1 card at the moment. Can only use the MME drivers. No asio. WDM won’t open. Lag is driving me nuts. Thought my rhythm playing was getting reallly bad, but it’s the lag. Each wave file is off (after doing lag/compensate with the buffers) just enough to make any tune sound like crap. Am doing new tunes with a buddy of mine. Same age as me and he said we might be passed away before I get this thing working.
Reading here for days on different threads and Flavio’s input in the manual said some cards can’t start the play and record at the same time. Seems this is my problem with the REalTek.

The Vista drivers for several cards are available for download in beta version, so not stable to use yet.
I give up. Vista sucks!

(YazMiester @ Jun. 18 2007,05:12)
The Vista drivers for several cards are available for download in beta version, so not stable to use yet.
I give up. Vista sucks!

Vista... don't get me started... none of my m audio stuff have drivers yet :( My phonic board does but haven't installed them... I figured I would keep using my ole faithful dell until all the other stuff gets worked in...

Should have my butt kicked for buying something “NEW”.

Gonna drag the ol’ Fostex 16 track analog out of the closet!

Is that 1/2" tape? Now your making me want to dust off my otari 16 :D

Yep 1/2 in tape.

I’ve had 1820 for a couple of years and I’ve been generally pretty happy with it. Except the fact that the mic preamps seemed to have kicked the bucket last spring, an year after warranty ran out. Can’t get a signal out of them if phantom power is on. Apparently this isn’t rare problem, several people in the EMU forum seem to have the same trouble.

(Sorry about a slow answer: I was attending a writer’s reunion at Mukkula. Even played a sort of five minutes long “spoken word with background music” gig there: I read a couple of pages from my forthcoming third novel and played some atmospherics with my guitar and delay unit. People seemed to like the stuff - I got great responses even from people who don’t understand Finnish… no recording, but at least a picture.)

(jeromee @ Jun. 19 2007,20:59)
Is that 1/2" tape? Now your making me want to dust off my otari 16 :D

No, you don't want to drag that out, you want to sell it to someone very nice for a ridiculously low price. :)

Now Tom, it’s officialy an antique. You may see me on Antique roadshow getting appraised on PBS!

Sound card arrived and installed. A-W-S-U-M! If your using a gaming card for recording, spend the bucks and get a audio card, you’ll be amazed!