Easy and Cheap Sequencer?

I think that is what I need…

I was given some really good piano samples by a friend. It is basically a TON of small WAV files… each key being hit at a different velocity.

Anyway… anyone know what I can program will work with this type of thing? I want something that isn’t too hard to use. I usually soundfonts in FruityLoops… but ocviously these aren’t made for that. Any ideas?

Sounds like you are talking about needing a sampler. no?

try something from Native Instruments

sampler… right. not a sequencer. haha.

Does’nt Fruity have a built-in sample player? ??? I got FL5 Producer the other day but I have not tinkered with it much…


You can load each line in FL with it’s own sample. It would probably sound pretty mechanical though, so

You could also turn all those into a soundfont, though I’m not sure how =)

Learjeff did it with the Rhodes E Piano, maybe he’ll chime in.

I believe sfz will handle sampling the .wav files on it’s own or you could always create your own SoundFonts with Vienna SoundFont Studio 2.3.

Any chance you’d be willing to share 'em?

I have a program that converts samples into soundfonts, largely automatically, but it assumes all the samples for a each velocity layer are in one file. But it probably could be adapted.