Easy Drums

Just a easy country beat

I’m looking for some suggestions on getting a easy drum beat with my country guitar picking :)

So far I’m doing real good with N Track and very happy with the way the whole program runs.

I don’t play Midi ,keyboards or any of that stuff …and I don,t want to get Into a difficult drum Input or what ever you may call It…I just want to try a drum track that Is set up for me?..Is this possible?..maybe a select list of common country drum beats…say 1-10 click the # and add the track…Is there such a animal that can do this?

Any help to get me on the right track for a easy drum beat will be greatly appreciated


Dunno if nDrum is the way to lead a new user or not?

If all else fails - BubbaGump will do a free drum track for you! :laugh:

Send me a private message in your forum messenger Daner - if it’s something I might help with I will. I have a magic button drummer that does country real nice.