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There must be an easy way

I am new to a lot of this but here goes. My group and I are just playing with recording a demo, so I used a wave recorder and put vocals to one side and instruments to the other. Simple. Then in N-track, I import copies of each side, and then “cut” the other side. So now I have two tracks, one with vocals one with instrumnets. Great

We recorded one song and the end didn’t go well, so we recrecorded the end, this is all in the same file. When I zone in and try and “listen” to the correct ending to get the best place to copy , I can’t figure out out the playback. Is there any way that I can choose a position to play back from, and when I hit stop, it jumps back there and lets me adjust etc. What is happening now is when I try and set the “play back start” bar (first of all its very un accurate unless I zone WAY in) It plays but then moves the start bar so I have to find where I started again. I just want to be able to select a part, and loop it so I can minutely adjust the start and stop point to get exactly what I want… Then I want to be able to copy this portion, and find the point where I can put it in. There has to be an easy way!

Thanks for help in advance!

Ther should be an arrow icon (I don’t know what version you are using.
click that arrow, then click the point on the timeline you want to start the playing at (in the area with the numbers [20:00] and tick [||] marks on it) (a white line should show up going through all the tracks verticaly.
Now press play, when you stop , then press play again it sould always start back at the point you selected.
Make a copy of the track. click the T icon it has 4 arrows one it.
Go to the left edge of the track copied track. there’s a little white square in the middle of the left edge. Put your curser on that white square, now hold left click and move the edge of the track to the right…to the point you want it to start coming in.
I usually use the fade in effect to let it come in gradually and fade out the track it’s replacing equally.

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When I try and “copy” it seems to only copy 1 track. I want to get two tracks in the copy so it stays in sync.


When I try and “copy” it seems to only copy 1 track. I want to get two tracks in the copy so it stays in sync.

I suggest that you import the original stereo recording (ie your recording with vox one channel, instruments the other).

You can then edit the stereo track in n-track (thus keeping the vox and insts in sync), and then split the stereo track in n-track (n-track has a feature to do this).