Echo GinaG3

Pure Wave vs WDM

I am currently using WDM as wave device configuration on GinaG3 audio interface with nTrack 4.1. I am planning to upgrade nTrack to the 24 bit version and am not sure if nTrack will operate under “Pure Wave” device configuration. Are there any nTrack users currently using Echo Audio “Pure Wave” device configuaration in their system ?

I am – Gina24 actually. That’s what I always use. As a matter of fact on my machine, that’s the only way I can get it to record 24 bits the way I use it. When using any other device selection I get the pop-up that says the format isn’t supported when I hit the record button. I’m using MME: PureWave for the digital inputs and a Behringer ADA8000 preamp with ADAT lightpipe thing. I have not tried the analog inputs with these configs.

I use a Layla 24 (also from Echo audio) and I can not get the Purewave to work with my equipment.

Are you selecting PureWave in the EchoConsole and MME: PureWave? I haven’t be able to get it to work any other way, but it does work when the right combinations at set. There may be some other settings I’m forgetting at the moment. (got to check when I get home)

Gina setup for 24 bit recording.
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Oddly enough, n-Tracks warning points folks in the wrong direction in this case.
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make sure you look at these full sized

I also use Purewave with Echo Layla20.

It supposed to be the “way to go” with the Echo Layla equipment.


It will work with “Pure Wave”, and in fact for me, WDM doesn’t work, so I use PW. I have an Echo Layla3G.