Echo Indigo IO configuration ???s

I’m not sure how to be brief and not scare off potential anwers, but here goes…

The updated driver for this card includes “full ASIO 2.0 support,” which I’m guessing is a good thing. I’m instructed to select “ASIO Echo WDM from within your ASIO-based application.” (n-track?)

In preferences there are a number of options:

Recording Devices-
MME: Sigma…
MME: Wave Mapper (this is the default)
WDM: Indigo io
WDM: Sigma…

Playback Devices-
MME: Indigo… (one for each of the 4 paired virtual outs… an Indigo thing)
MME: Sigme…
MME: Wave Mapper (this is the default)
WDM: Indigo… (one for each of the 4…)
WDM: Sigma…

Question… The select “select audio format” boxes look familiar in all but the ASIO mode. I usually have mono/16bit for record and 16bit/mono for playback.

With ASIO selected a bubble comes up stating that I have multiple outputs selected and the “select audio format” boxes look completely foreign to me without the mono choices and bit choices.

How do I set the “Audio Devices” boxes up for this card in ASIO? Should I even bother with ASIO? I hope I’m being somewhat clear. Anyone else use this card with n-track?

Thanks in advance


I really need the help. If I’m not being clear, I think I can simplify the question.

Thanks - PEACE

I use the exact card with my laptop, with ASIO and a midi controller to play soft synths, but I’m no expert on computer stuff, so I will try to help, but don’t count of me getting it correct! :) Anyway, isn’t the card 24 bit? IIRC I had to get the bit depth and sampling rate matched in both the Indigo driver and in n-Track. Also, I discovered that with my laptop (an off the shelf toshiba with a P4) I needed to download a patch from the Echo folks - something about the chipset I was using or something. Like I said, I’m not much of a computer guy, but I did get it to work just fine.

The ASIO control panel that comes up is Echo’s, I believe, which is why it might not look familiar?

I do remember discovering that one of the 24 bit settings in n-track caused lots of pops in the recording - I discovered that after recording something fairly important… ah well…

Unfortunately the laptop is at home right now and I’m at work. But I can look at the exact settings tonight, if that would help.

Thanks TomS for responding.

For what it’s worth, I have the 16 bit version. Any settings help would be appreciated. I’m assuming that using ASIO is the best way to go, but I’m ignorant. As I said in my follow-up, maybe a different mode (MME, WDM) would be better.

I’ve never checked the devices menu before and don’t really know the differences between MME, MME Wave Mapper, WDM, and ASIO. Maybe someone could tell me what they are. I don’t use Live Input.

I’m looking to get the most out of what I own.


Well, if you are not using the live function or have some other reason to get the lowest possible latency, then use whatever drivers work. Sound quality of course will be the same in any case.

I didn’t know the Indigo came in a 16 bit version. Is it older?

My n-track version is 16 bit. Sorry for the confusion. I was under the impression that ASIO sound quality was better. I did not know that the differences in drivers was one of latency and stability. As I said in a related post, I will use the WDM driver for both my desktop and laptop.

See how much I’m learning. I really appreciate the time taken to help me.

Thanks again,


I would bet you would find it helpful to upgrde to the 24 bit version of n-Track. Lots of improvement in sound quality. I’m not sure what n-Track does with the extra bits your card is generating - just truncates them, I guess? Seems like a shame to have a nice card like that and only run it at 16 bits. :)