Asio Drivers

I have used N with my Echolayla3G and the Asio drivers don’t work with N. The meter are active but no sound. I had to go into the N and change to a diffrent set of drivers in the audio device. Then the Echolayla3G works very well. I was wondering if anyone encountered that problem. ???

I too have this problem. I’m using an Echo Layla20 with ASIO support (supposedly). When I select the ASIO driver then select the I/O setting in the VU meter I can see that the WAV file is playing but I do not get any sound. I can use the WDM drivers just fine but want to test the “low latency” capability of ASIO. Does anybody know how to make ASIO work with a Layla sound card?

Well thats exactly what happens with me,but I figure maybe down the road it will be addressed I hope.:slight_smile:

Ok now I got it to work with Echo Layla3G,but when I have the mixer screen on and move it you here pop and click then the N stops playing. I think what I have to do is adjust the buffer panel in Echo. Hopefully that will fix it. Even moving the track strip makes it stop playing. So I hope this will help anyone out. :D

Yahoo!!! finally got it to work with ASIO drivers. N runs great with the adjustments I made in Echo ASIO panel and adjusting the buffer. No pops or clicks. I bounce the timeline bar all over the place and no problems. Just real smooth compared to Aardvark setup. The ASIO’s in Aardvark were horrible with N. Now I’m very happy with this setup…Yahoo!!!:p

Wiith ASIO you have to make adjustments in the cards panel. n-Tracks picks them up. Adjustments made to ASIO in n-Tracks on the other hand don’t really do anything. That’s a quirk of ASIO.

Thats what I did, made the adjustments in the souncards panel. Anyway I’m glad it works really for me now.