edirol pcr-30

anyone using it in N?

I’m having trouble using my edirol pcr-30 midi controller in N. Every thing is fine until I click the “Midi Devices” button, and N locks up. Perhaps someone else has used this controller? I’m using v3.3.


I’m using PCR-30 over a USB cable + nTrack v4 without problems. The MIDI controller should be switched on before switching on the computer. Did you set up the drivers correctly?


Perhaps the problem is fixed in v4? I’m using v3.3. I’m pretty sure the controller is setup ok b/c all is well when I use it in Tracktion.

Does N-Lock up without the pcr30 being on ?
If it doesn’t, what other midi drivers are selected in the midi devices ?

It sounds like there’s either a conflicting midi setting, or N-Track doesn’t like the midi driver.

1st one might be solved by a complete reset of N (not guaranteed ) (there is a way that Flavio send me a while ago), or a reinstall. Either way is going to want to get your serials typed in again.

2nd one needs to be reported to Flavio…

In fact, report it to Flavio anyway - you’d be surprised to see how resourcefull he sometimes can be …


Only locks up when the controller is plugged in via usb. No other devices are selected in the midi devices.
I reported to Flavio the same day I posted by no response yet. I saw in the bug fixes for v4 (bld.16??) that something was fixed for another edirol device suffering from a problem very similair to mine. Fortunetly I have a backup interface, my midisport 1X1, so no biggy.

Ahh well, its still a pain.

Luckilly you have a workaround.

I’m shure the flavmeister will have a fix shortly.

You could just try the demo/shareware version of n-Track 4. Might be a lot of de-and re-installing, but evenso it might be wortwhile. Just make sure you don’t overwrite your song files if you want to go back to th older version.