Edirol UA-25 or Tascam-122

I need to return my new Edirol UA-20 as it locks up on midi keyboard in with N-Track 3.3 and 4.0.

Has anyone used either UA-25 or Tascam-122 with N-Track succesfully

My son has the Tascam US-122. It’s been good, although, he does’nt use the MIDI ports at the moment. It seems to be a good unit. Very portable and sounds great. n V3.3.


Go with the Tascam. In my opinion its the best portable audio interface on the market for the price. I use its midi for reaktor session and everything runs super smooth in Ntrack with it as well.

I’ve used the US-122 for about 4 months and it works great with n-Track. For the money, it’s hard to beat.

US-122…its the only bus-powered 24-bit usb interface out there with inserts and phantom power. Its got more features packed into that nice chunky aluminum casing for the price than anything else, and it has been totally stable for me on 3 different laptops ranging from PII 200/144Mb RAM/Win 98SE to Pentium-M 1.6gHz/512 Mb RAM Win XP Pro. I’ll be upgrading soon likely to a US-428 simply for control and expanded I/O (or…[wavy daydream lines]…an FW-1884) BUT I will be hanging onto the 122. Handy tool for sure.