Editing previously saved N-track Drums

how see drum machine on saved song

I successfully created a song in ntrack using the ntrack drums. Now when I re-open n-track to edit the saved song, I can see the midi track that was previously playing the drums, but I cannot hear drums, nor can I see the drum machine.
How do I get my drummer back without having to create a new output instrument???


An incomplete answer so maybe someone can come along to fill me in.

If you open the track mixer (View->Mixer->Track Mixer) In the Mixer strip you will see a strip for nTrack Drums. If you double click the green nTrack Drums words the plug-in window will display. You then need to select the original kit/bank etc. in the nTrack Drums window that you set up originally. You should then hear some drums. A complete pain in the proverbial but does anyone know a way of saving these things in a song?

Plumbum is right…, and I have a more complete solution to help him in his troubles as well.

Essentially you have to open the song, and then open N-Track Drums via the master mixer - NOT by adding another midi channel, as you will literally add another drummer to your recording.

After clicking N-Track Drums in the fader - “Channel (Synth)” on your master mixer, the drums will load, but not your previous settings. Click the open file icon in the top right, and select the file if you saved it. If not, you’re going to have to reprogram everything (as plumbum alluded to).

To ensure that you don’t lose your settings in the future, and to avoid the pain in the rear plumbob has so accurately described, you need to regularly save your N-Track Drum settings.

To do this, find the picture of the “floppy” disk in the top right corner. Click this symbol, and save the drum patterns as a file in the same folder the song has been created. I prefer to save them in the same file as the song… eg: “Name Of Song - Drums”, but I could see the convience of having a “Drum” file to save all the settings in - might help you mix and match at some point in the future.

At any rate, once you’ve saved the file, all you need to do to reopen it when your working on the track again is to click on the Synth fader on the master mixer (where it says “Ntrack Drums”, - this will open the N-Track drums program, then open the drum file, and you’ll be off.

Always save your settings on the drum program as this will eliminate the need for loading the style and kit every time you open the drum program. Also, you won’t loose edits you make to your patterns (as this is the more serious version of the proverbial pain in the butt referred to previously).

Finally, make sure you’ve got your BPM right on the time bar.

Lastly, HotDogWater recently wrote what I consider to be the definitive guide on all things N-Track drums (complete with screenshots). Search for it in the forum, and print it out, so it’ll be there as a “handy” reference when you need it.

Speaking first hand, I can say that N-Track Drums is the single most frustrating piece of technology in the N-Track software program, but once you get it down… you’ll absolutely love it.

It took me a year, and numerous cries for help on the forum, and offers to pay money to the person that could explain it to me, but I’m sure you’ll get a handle on it quicker than I did as the forum has covered the matter thoroughly.

All the best,