editing tracks

moving tracks

hi guys, i’m new here. I have had 2.0 for quite a while but got a new pc and went with 4.0, but I’m having an anoying prob. When I want to move a track back-and-forth horizontally, it only moves in one second increments. very inconvinient. got to have some help

Have you got the grid turned on?

(Click on the cross hatch icon on the tool bar. It’s yellow when the grid is active. SHIFT-click for properties. Click to turn on and off)



thanks man, you are the bomb. I knew it had to be something simple like that. I’d rather not tell you how much time I spent trying to figure it out
Out for now. :cool:

Also, if you magnify the song/track, it will allow you to move your track(s) to a much finer position in the field! Since I don’t use the grid, I do not know if this is just another way of doing the same thing.