Editing velocities

Say I have a MIDI drum track (kick, snare, hi-hat) and want to edit the hi-hat velocities. I can use the graphical editor in the piano roll for this, instead of using the MIDI events list. However, since the kick and snare velocities are also displayed in the graphical editor, I still have to have the events list open to verify the hi-hat velocities I’m drawing. Have I missed something? Is there a way to display the velocities for certain notes only (e.g. the hi-hat)?

open your MIDI track in piano roll, right click click on the keyboard - a box saying NOTE NAMES will appear change the MIDI NAMES SET to ‘XG standard kit’, (or whatever kit has the hihat in the right slot) - click OK -

now instead th piano kbd the drum names will apear -

useing the delete tool, delate everything but the HI Hat -

now you can change what you want -

save track as Hihat.mid -


import original MIDI track and then Hihat.mid - see how it sounds

Dr J

Yep, that’s about how I did it before. Having separate tracks for kick, snare and hat. Lately I’ve started using the nTrack drums, so I thought it would be easier with just one MIDI file as input. Well, have to try a bit more.

you can edit each instrument seperately, but i know it can be confusing when there are two instruments using the same vertical grid line as to which blue line belongs to which instrument -

another thing i find annoying is that you cannot adjust the volume/velosity of an instrument if it is in the first grid position, as the blue line is hard up against the edge of the bottom timeline window - the only way i find to adjust it is to move the beat 1 grid box top the right make adjustments and then return it to its original position - you may know another way of doing it - please advise -

Dr J

Well, I wasn’t aware of that since I always have two beats of count in at the start of each song. One workaround could be using the MIDI events list to edit the velocity of the first note.

AH HA, thank you -

Dr J