eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk :angry:

Well? How’d it go?

well, i’m just recovering so i’ll let ya in on all the juicy details at some other point but bottom line for now is…

woooooooooooooop! Aardvark Records want me to sign…all I got to do is say yes and I can have me a Record Label :cool:

Ange x

What do you know about them?

How do they treat their artist?

Is the deal short term and favorable?

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

I looks like they promote a lot of trance music.

How do you think it is going to benefit your career?

Most people join a label for the mainstream public exposure they can provide, ardvark says this:

"We’re not about big advertising spend or huge marketing budgets or telling people what to buy in order to look cool. We’re just about adventures in music."

So they are not about big advertising or huge market budget, basically that is saying “we aren’t going to give you any mainstream exposure like a major label does”…

I would find out if the contract is transferable or inclusive, they sound like a great launching pad for a persons career but not were you want to eventually get to.

keep shinin

jerm :cool:

I hope the best for you, you deserve it, maybe read the fine print and talk it over, but I really hope this works out for you!

Good for you Ange…

You deserve all the best that can happen to you…

I’d like to see you contact someone in the legal business that specializes in the entertainment industry go over this contract line-by-line with you before you sign your name and date this piece of paper(s). And then address-and-change anything in the contract that you have concerns with… or negotiate any ideas that you’d like to see added or removed from the contract that might help you with your career somewhere down-the-road…

I’d hate to see you and your creativity hurt by some detail of wording in a contract…


They obviously know a good thing when they hear it. Read the fine print, for sure, and know what the expectations are, but I hope it proves to be the break you deserve. :agree:

Another wedding -
Do you take Aardvark to be your lawful wedded recording label?
Lucky aardvark. :;):

:laugh: Eeek? thought you where angry! That's intresting Angie!

Congrats Ange! Hope it works out for ya! :agree:


Another wedding -
Do you take Aardvark to be your lawful wedded recording label?
Lucky aardvark

i invoke the right of first night.

please don't kill me.


For a second, I thought you saw a mouse (the one connected to your PC). But congrats and good luck, hope you find success. I like trance stuff and other forms of electronica/electronic music.

Good for you Ange!!!
Hope it works out well for you…and don’t forget us!!! :p

:agree: :agree: :agree:

Congrates Ange. I hope this is the beginning of a long, prosperous,and financially succesfull career.

Before you sign anything, I hope you retain a good “Entertainment Lawyer” to look over ALL of the contracts. Remember this is a business and these guys, no matter how nice, are in it to make money from your talent. Protect yourself, and the ownership of any current or future works.


Good luck Ange. You deserve it :agree: :agree:

I’ve asked Rob to post an overview of things so far… he’ll post it in a minute…

thankyou guys for all being so sweet and supportive! big love and hugs xx

Aardvark actually do have a range of artists in Ange’s genre, we’ve heard some of them. They sound quite good!

They’re in the process of branching it’s Dance label to a seperate division. They are also actively expanding and in the process of a grant application for a studio facility (we’ll be expecting full and detailed outlines of their expansion plans).

The truth of it is that they’re a label that have been running for 6 years and haven’t yet had any great success; but I don’t think that’s a reason to discount them entirely. An artist with a relatively unknown record label still has more of a footprint in the music industry, and more people working to try and make them succeeed, than an artist with no record label. As a label they’re building momentum and increasing their catalogue.

We’re obviously not going to do anything until the contracts have been received, scrutanised, and negotiated over. But the basic outline is currently looking like this (based on discussions so far):

* Ange will remain with the PRS and maintain all publishing rights
* The proposed deal is for one album only, and for 3 years for that album.
* Aardvark seem to respect and approve of the raw nature of Ange’s music and fully support her musical vision for the album
* Ange will record the raw tracks for the new album from home and FTP the wave files to Aardvark
* From the raw tracks Aardvark will mix, master and produce the album. They will also deal with all design work for the sleeve and the track order of the album.
* Initial speculation is for a February 2010 release of the album, with a well publised launch concert. Pre-release publicity will start in the lead up to Christmas
* When the album is finished Aardvark will promote and market the album online, syndicating it to online music stores.
* Aardvark will arrange radio airplay, inteviews and concerts to promote the new album.
* Aardvark will manage a variety of social networking sites on behalf of Ange, actively seeking to build on-line fan bases.
* CD distribution will be from a cd-on-demand facility, so physical CD’s will only be printed and packed when they are ordered
* Monthly reports will be provided detailing sales, airplay and revenue, broken down both geographically and demographically, and these will be used to determine maketting strategies
* Revenue from the album will be divided 50/50

So far it sounds like a very good move to me… 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing, and this is a real foot in the door and notch on the belt as far as I can see… it certainly gives a real purpose and direction for the next album.

Your opinions?

back me up and correct me on this, tommy, but tracking the instruments/voices at home should save a lot of money, since ange won’t have to pay back that enormous studio money the label would otherwise front for recording in the studio. is that somewhere in the ballpark?

will she have to use revenues to pay back studio costs from mix, master, & post-production? this sounds like a newer-direction, post-modern DIY type of contract. i’d be surprised if lots of labels big and small don’t start going this way, if they don’t already, with the abundance of home studios.