Effects automation

Where at in v5?

Hi all,

This is actually a two part question I’m hoping someone can help answer.

1. Where did the effects automation go in v5? I’m using build 2193. It seems to be in the same spot (at the bottom of the draw volume button menu) but it no longer lets me draw the envelopes. Dragging in the track area where the effect parameter appears just selects that part of the track. Has something changed?

2. Is it possible to control VSTi parameters using an external control surface? i’ve been able successfully automate some n-track internal parameters (e.g. track volume). There is a plug in parameter action that says adjusts parameter P of the Eth effect on the Nth track (you supply P, N, and E). I have no idea how you’d go about counting this. As far as I can tell VSTis are not assigned a track NUMBER, per se, they are on a track called Synth-x.

Any suggestions?

Number 1…

Number 2… dunno. :)


Thanks for the quick reply. Yep, that’s what I’m doing on #1; just don’t seem to be able to draw the parameter automation anymore. Maybe something is buggered with my installation. It works for others in V5?

Well… you know what? I just tried to setup an envelope for Wet Level for n-Track Reverb on a track and no envelope appears! There is some text that tells what I am wanting to draw… but no line!!! Hmmm… a BUG perhaps…


A bug I think it might be. What’s the protocol for reporting suspected bugs? Does Flavio monitor this forum or should I send an email to the support address?

Use the SUPPORT button over there on the left. That’s the way I usually send bug reports.