Effects drop-down menu problem...


I’m having a problem with the effects drop-down menu in my N-track. Everytime I go to insert an effect, I click the drop-down menu once (sometimes twice just so it will drop down) and it will arbitrarily place an unwanted random effect or whatever effect my mouse happens to be on in the selection list for any track or master channel I’m working with. I have to remove the effect I didn’t purposefully select, try again to insert my desired effect and do this about two or three times before the drop-down menu just drops down and lets me select the effect I want. Anyone else have this problem? This happens with both DX and VST plugs.

I’ve been using N-track since version 2 so I’m no noobie to this program and this has never happened until I upgraded my PC to P4 3Ghz, 1GB PC3200 DDR on an i875 chipset and upgraded n-track to version 4.02. Also when closing the effects control box, I have to click the “X” twice before it actually closes. This is all starting to become really annoying but I was wanting to know if anyone else has had this problem and what the possible resolve would be.

sounds like you are clicking multiple times before it has time to draw the dropdown, and your second/thrid clicks are choosing an effect from the list. don’t know why there’s a delay, but if you click once and WAIT for the dropdown, does that help? if you click it only once, does the dropdown ever appear?

i have a similar setup to you, but using n-track 3.3.

It happens regardless if I click once, wait for the draw of the drop down menu and go to select my desired effect, as soon as my mouse highlights the first effect in the selection list it happens to land on, that’s what’s put in and I’m not clicking anything.