Effects on Part of Track Only?

Effects on Part of Track Only?

How do I apply an effect to only part of a track rather than the whole thing?
I have been just adding rreverb and such to a whole track but I want to add a harmonizer to the vocal track for just the chorus part…

I guess you just send it to the aux with the effect you want on it- you can record the fader sends to turn up for part of a track when you watn the effect abd then down when you don’t. I used to be able to do it easy in cakewalk but I havent worked it out in ntrack. In fact I cant get the aux to work at all.

I was trying to add it to only that chnl as I am using aux for other effects that I apply to multiple tracks at various levels. Is there a way to do that? How do you record the send change for the aux?


Some effects (all of NTrack’s built-in effects) expose their various controls to automation, so you can control those parameters via the “Draw” function, just the same as if you were drawing volume evolutions.

If you click on the little arrow to the right of the “Draw Volume Envelopes” button on the toolbar, a dropdown will open. Right at the bottom is an entry labelled “Effects Parameters…” click on it.

A new box will open with several blank dialogues. Click on an arrow in the first “Effect” box and select the effect you wish to automate.
Then click on the “Parameter” box and select the parameter you wish to automate.
Click ok and the dialogue will vanish.

Now you should have a rather garishly coloured button labelled “DSP” where the “Draw Volume Envelopes” button was and also you should notice a line across the middle of track one.
Use that line to control the parameter. You will need to zoom in pretty close.

If you don’t see your effect, or the parameter you wish to automate, then that particular vst does not support the function. Hard luck!


THanks for the info Steve, this is great to know in the future. However, it didn’t show the effect I am trying to use. Is anyone else using Clone Ensemble? How can you allow this on only part of a track if it’s not listed as a controllable perameter?

Actually to clarify, CLone Ensemble is listed in the effects but there are no parameters listed to change.


I was trying to add it to only that chnl as I am using aux for other effects that I apply to multiple tracks at various levels. Is there a way to do that? How do you record the send change for the aux?

You know you can have more than 2 Aux channels? So if you have already used up your 2 Aux’s with effects for other tracks, add a new one and put the new effect on a new Aux. Sure a few more CPU horses but hey…

Adding another Aux is version dependent. In earlier versions it’s in Preferences. In later versions (from memory) it’s a menu option - “Add New Aux” or something.

THen you have to learn about using “Evolutions” for the Aux send, and you are away… More info available if needed.



I’m using Clone Ensemble and find it easiest to cut the wave up into 2 different tracks. one for verse and one for chorus.

Either that, or as Mark said, add an AUX and then do the draw thing.

I second billthecat. break that vocal up into separate tracks! i find that to be a lot easier and less time-consuming than meticulously crafting automations.

yeah, what billthecat and aikan said. I’ve found making one or more “clones” of the track, then trimming each part to where I want the effect to start/finish works a treat.

yeah…clone, trim, add the effect…


Can I suggest that if you do go for the cloning/trimming approach (rather than the Aux automation envelope approach) that you send both tracks to a group and then minimise the original tracks. (And set the option to remove minimised tracks from the mixer).

That way effects that need to be applied to the entire “track” can be added to the group as well as volume evolutions and EQ settings for the track. Also it makes mixing much more straight forward having just the one (group) track to deal with.


And I would completely agree with Mark’s suggestion. MUCH easier.