Effects pedal input...

cutting in and out.

I have a Zoom 3030 effects pedal. the pedal has a mono input and L/R-mono, Left and Right outputs…the input and L/R inserts seem to cut in-and-out (too much moving around while playing guitar?) and it seems that these inserts are ‘loose.’ is there some way that I can tighten these 1/4" inserts and hopefully that will take care of the sound cutting off?



Perhaps with a wrench? :)

You just want to make sure that they have not turned so much that the wires are stressed, I think. Open it up a look, and just tighten them as needed.

My apologies if I have misunderstood the problem…

Maybe just a squirt of switch cleaner? Perhaps the contacts are dirty rather than loose?

Hi Remy,

Yep. Do as Tom suggested. Some companies actually use the chassis ground as the signal ground. I suppose that’s OK in some cases but I prefer designs where discrete wiring is used. Less danger of loose components, jacks, etc causing pops, clicks and other unpleasant signal FUBAR anomalies…


Tightening them will only stop the the turning, it will not make better contact, unless as Diogenes says the ground is thru the body then it will help. Try switch cleaner as MarkA suggested. If that don’t work then you need to change the jack sockets. Don’t panic! Wrench and soldering iron is all you need. An if you do change them then use a jack with beryllium copper contacts, they’ll keep the springiness long after you and me are dead.

Hey all…

Many thanks for the replies!

I’ll try the topical solution first then move on to surgery and dissection of the unit should it be necessary.

I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV but the Mad Scientist in me can’t wait to give it a shot.