Effects question

Does anyone know what kind of fx makes a sound howl in pitch like a siren?

Its used in guitars and other stringed instruments…
Im trying to get that siren effect as i move the fingers up or down.


I was thinking which song had the similar effect and that was a U2 classic…“With or Without You”…the siren-like guitar effect…Any clues is greatly appreciated.

Phase shifter (phaser) or Flanger.

I was thinking which song had the similar effect and that was a U2 classic.."With or Without You"..the siren-like guitar effect...Any clues is greatly appreciated.

This effect was an - ebow - you can see one here.
I had one once but sold it.You have to have a volume pedal to control the volume while using it. It's very hard to use the volume on the guitar to control this while playing it.


Actually…I wanted to use my violin to play it and run the sound through the phase shifter to get the effect in a reverberated way.

A violin track passing through a flanger and ring-mod would that work…?

I’m sure you’ll find a cool sound using those effects with the violin. I would try lots of delay also or anything that will get you lots of sustain going on.

Yea probably…Im trying to make it sound like a whalish melodic sound…not sure if Im articulating it right…its hard to articulate sounds :D