ehem, more voice ...

well i know this topic is overwritten but i think i may help me and other people.

First, sorry about my poor english. :(

now, the request.

I usually work with this software and hardware:

- N-track 3.0
- Fruity Loops 5
- Creative Labs Audigy 2

And a BOSS ME-33 (guitar multiple effects).

I record the guitars through the ME33 and the other stuff (drums, bass and other sounds) through the Fruity Loops samples(it worked very well).
The i have the base that sounds very nice. It sounds like a whole rock band in the different sound/music reproducer(?!), not ony in the Computer, in all the house. And i’m very proud about my music :). Now the problem.

I know my voice isn’t so good (i’m not pavarotti), but when i record at the same time with a external mic it sounds good, enough to make a decent demo. but when i tried to record the voice alone and mix it with the music it doesn’t fit well. I tried buying a mic (behringer xm8500) and record my voice through different filters or plugins. Even i tried through the BOSS ME33!. Sometimes the voice seems too loud and other times unnatural.

Now i “beg” you for some tips to fit the voice with the music:

- plugins?
- compression?
- eq?
- reverb?
- delay?

I’d like that you tell me where to start, with each filter. ex: Start with low freq, then mid and then high. I don’t know anything about sound theory. I’d like to have a minitutorial to guide me. Ex: first tried compression: cut low freq til 20, and cut hig above 90. then tried eq cutting low freq, then the reverb, then… then… So i have a starting point and a guide to continue

i tried with echo, and i learn a bit how to disguise the voice to make him sound better, but i don’t want to make all the voices sound with echo.

if anyone wants i can send you some music i have recorded, if it can help…


If you add a bit of natural sounding reverb, it can push the vocals a little furhter into the mix.

As for the other questions, you need someone more experienced.

I think the Behringer that you have is a dynamic mic - good for live performance, but vocals generally sound better recorded via a condenser mic.

Keeping with what you’ve got anyhow, try to use the compressor to get a fairly even vocal level after recording. Reduce the low frequencies below 80Hz using eq or high-pass filter. If you are having problems keeping in tune, adjust your headphone volume - usually turn down the bass.
I’m far from expert in these matters but there are many articles on the net, just use your search engine.

Use compression to even out the levels, a little bit of reverb for “space”, and EQ to make all the tracks “fit” well together.

Most importantly - Read this, print it, and keep it on your desk:

I refer to these charts all the time.

Good luck!


well, first of all, thank you all guys for the sudden answer!!!

i’ll try all your advices, and when i get some results, i post them here!

thanks again :)

Quote (John @ Feb. 17 2005,08:53)
Most importantly - Read this, print it, and keep it on your desk:


Thanks for being so helpful, as usual. I do appreciate it.

I have printed out the article and will definitely put it right on the recording desk.--jb