Electric Guitar Multi-Effects

Hmmm … I’m obviously on a new thread tear her today.


I am just making a start on getting into electric guitar, after years of playing acoustic only, and am looking at a cheap and cheerful multi-effects box (ideally significantly less than £100).

I am not overly bothered about the presence of a volume pedal at this point, and the Zoom G2 looks pretty good (very happy with my Zoom acoustic pedal already) at £55.

Behringer’s latest V-Amp2, sounds interesting at around £70, and there are a couple of tempting looking beasts from Korg at around the same price.

Anyone have any other suggestions and/or anyone played with any of these boxes and prepared to offer a comment or three?


Personally I prefer the Boss offerings to Zoom’s. The humble Boss ME-8 can be had on ebay for less than £50 and the GT-3 and GT-5 will just scrape under £100. All are “big boy” offerings with serious effects and are well built (I’ve had my ME-8 for 10 years and it’s still rock solid).

The “little” pedals are OK but I get frustrated with only having 2 buttons for patch changes etc. My son has a Zoom GFX-1 which is OK, but not great. He’s inheriting my ME-8 soon. I picked up a Zoom something-707 but put it straight back on ebay.

I’ve not had good experiences with Behringer stuff but I was reading some guys giving them big thumbs up at another forum.

I still have a J-Station which is fantastic for recording but doesn’t really lend itself to live use due to the interface (although I have used mine live). Again, pretty cheap on ebay now.

But I guess there are as many opinions as there are guitar players.

Well, first, just a reminder. You have a multi-effects system with N. Of course, that’s not what you are looking for, so I’ll spare you. Though I will say that you shouldn’t use hardware effects pre-recording, as you can’t go back and change them later. But then, you are (I’m assuming) wanting something that you can play live and pedal on and off, so I’ll go ahead and address your question.

Well, perhaps I’m just too old-school, but I like actual pedals. Pedals, plural. Pedalboards seem daunting to me, and really not worth the trouble they provide. Rarely are the sounds worth the money you spend on them. If you scrounge around on ebay, you should be able to get a pretty good collection of good pedals for $200 (100 GBP). I’d get a delay and either a flange or phaser (whichever you prefer). Other than that, it depends on what you are wanting to play. But you aren’t going to use every effect in an effect system at first or all the time. Get yourself four or five good effects that are versitile (BOSS!!) and start there. You can always add to your collection as you go along. At the end, you’ll be more satisfied with your sound, and won’t need to “upgrade” to a better effects system and invest a bunch of more money if you want more/better effects later. You would already have top-of-the-line effects, and all you’d need to do to upgrade is add more/different pedals. Perhaps an effects system could be useful. But getting four or five effect pedals seems, to me, to be a better way to go.


You might want to check out GuitarPort by Line 6. Multi-effects, amp simulation and lots more. It connects via USB and can also function as a very stable standalone soundcard. I sold most of my noisy stomp boxes after getting this. You should be able to score one for around 50 quid. Below is the link.