Electronic music to enjoy

…or not

Hey, I have now uploaded some of my electronic music for everyone’s listening pleasure:


"Freak Out" and “Just Some Jazz” were made in N. I like “Just some Jazz” because it was made intentionally to sound as if it was all taken from old records. Let me know if I acheived my goal!

“Total Photonic Reversal” was made in audition with the help of hotstepper (It’s my favorite). So no N help. but good if you feel like checking it out.

Bombs over Bagdad was recorded and aranged on my keyboard, and was imported as is. It was only mastered. No mixing of instruments. So that one sounds the worst. Only bother if you care to.

If you follow the link to Saving Edmund, there are more recordings of rock music, etc.

If you check out “Time’s Arrow, Hovering Sombrero,” I’d appreciate comments on it too. It’s just guitar and vocals. The guitar was run with gain up real high to create a slightly distorted sound. It is supposed to sound raw and emotional. Let me know if it sounds cool, or if it sounds like crap. :laugh:


“Leadite” - I know I will like it without evern hearing it based on the name alone.

Ah, even better, Ghostbusters!

I have no basis on which to judge this genre, but I really like what you’ve done. The organ sample in Just Some Jazz I think must be a single sample pitchshifted by whatever you were using for sample playback? I’m probably wrong - but it’s a great sound, not at all clean, nicely complex and organ and processed at the same time. A very meditative piece, and I really like that sort of thing.

Anyway, I’d buy it.

Yeah, an electronic band called “Leadite.” It doesn’t say it there, but the songs come from an album called “The Enframing.” I thought you’d appreciate that. :;):

The organ is actually ORGANized Trio run through iZotope Vinyl (as was everything else). I believe it was run through a tube effect of one variety or another (Ruby Tube or Voxengo Tube Amp I believe). The idea was to make it sound intentionally lo-fi. As a piece of trivia, in the record part at the begining you can hear the first two notes of “All I Want,” the first song from Blue by Joni Mitchell. The begining is from my recording of the album (I was trying to take a few of my dad’s old records and convert them to CD).

Did anyone check out Time’s Arrow? I was curious what you guys thought.

I listened to stuff on both your sites. Really liked ‘Just some Jazz’, especially the last half. You could pull out some of the segments of this and construct some backing tracks for a really cool alternative rock piece - with some upbeat vocals over the instrumentation. I’m tempted to have a go at it myself. Not much electronica has been posted on the n-forum. My son and I have dabbled in electronica some. You can check out a couple of pieces I have uploaded to Soundclick. Listen to ‘The Old One’ and ‘Bangkok 2’. Click here
and then navigate to my music page to find the songs.

I think that the songwriting on Times Arrow is quite good. The song is definitely worth developing with a full instrumental backing. I like the way you sing it, but it seems to me you ought to transpose down a step or so, as there are a few places where you are not completely in control on the high notes. Other than that, your vocal style fits the song very well. Sounds like you recorded the output from the piezo pickup on your guitar. It’s hard to get a satisfying sound out of piezos. I think that you’ll be happier with recordings if you can mic your guitar.

So you live in Denton? I know the area well. Texas Aggie here.


Random thoughts while I eat my hummous, fatousch, and shwarma while listening to “Bagdad” (I live in a suburb of Detroit with a large Arabic population).

I love listening to stuff that I would normally make rude comments at the radio over because I can appreciate the fact that someone worked hard on to create. Not that they don’t for radio, but my mind is a lot more open when I listen to stuff posted here than otherwise. I enjoyed listening to what you have created.

I agree with tspringer that with development, time’s arrow could be… dare I say it… more commercially viable. I can’t help it. The old, working musician in me is still looking at “but can I sell it?” I guess this flys in the face of my earlier openmindedness.

Very cool stuff indeed. Being Mr. analog, I wish I knew how to do what you do.

I used to have relatives in Denton.