Electronic Voice Phenomena

I don’t necessarily believe this but it’s worth being aware of, particilarly in this group (I didn’t even know what EVPs were until I saw this).
Don’t ask me how I found this link but I saw this recently - Electronic Voice Phenomena .


EVP are unexpected voices found in recording media. ITC is a newer term that includes all of the ways these unexpected voices and images are collected through technology, including EVP. Of the many hypotheses designed to explain these phenomena, the Survival Hypothesis has been found to be most effective in answering the evidence.

I’ve definitely had a few strange sounds my recordings that I just wrote off as digital artifacts. I’m going to listen to some of them again, and maybe even record some stuff.

Ghost in the Machine!

Hark not to the voice of SATAN ye foul and evil sinner. But litsen closly to the words for sometimes the voice of THE LORD speaks to us that way to. When the words of SATAN come out from the AC tepmting us with the foul pleasures of the flesh and the HARLOTS walking home from school then we must tell SATAN to GET THEE BEHIND ME. But when THE LORD tells us that those PAINTED JEZEBELLS must be PURIFIED then we must listen and OBEY HIM

Oh, yeah, that is a great website. Why do I get the creeps from tath stuff, when I know that it is bogus? I’ve even left the computer recording while I have left the house to see what I could get. Got the cat! :D

edit: they used to have a lot more exmaples on the site, didn’t they? For a while over on TapeOp there was a thread discussing this and folks telling spooky studio stories…totally creepy…

Examples? You mean Selpmaxe?



I’ve even left the computer recording while I have left the house to see what I could get. Got the cat!

Ah but Tom, did you do the stuff you’re supposed to do in preparation, like pray, etc?

I sacrificed a nady microphone.

phoo, those are great. The skeptic one is esp good.

boo :ghostface:

There’s a TV show on the Sci-Fi channel called “Ghost Hunters.” The group that does the hunting, TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society) hosts a forum with different paranormal topics including EVPs. Several folks have posted their own recordings that are claimed to have EVPs.

TAPS EVP forum

Pattern recognition and pattern completion:

Very useful skills we have. They enable us to complete the “picture” without having to process all the data.

So that, if we see someone we know for example, we recognise them and “see” them without actually having to visually assimilate all the data.

And that’s a good survival thingy, just the merest clue that the thing standing in front of us is a sabre tooth tiger is enough to get our little legs into top gear.

The downside is; our better halves give us he ll for not commenting on their new hair style, and that’s because we really didn’t see it.

And the other downside; we see and hear patterns that don’t actually exist.

So, neither the ghost in the machine, nor deus ex machina, just our dear old brains creating patterns that don’t actually exist.

Personally, when I’m very tired, I can hear tunes coming out of random noise, but unlike Gideon, I never hear Satan, (well, not very often. :D)


I first heard about that on Art Bell’s show in the late 90s. Out of curiosity I tried to capture some stuff a few times, but never heard anything. At first I was disappointed - but then I realized that I really didn’t actually want to hear any dead people talking.


I sacrificed a nady microphone.

Wouldn’t have gotten much return on that then, eh.

Ghosts/spirits, the wife’s hairdo and Satan.

I’ve seen them all. And the scariest was the wife’s ‘short’ hairdo.

i heard a voice one time in a polka recording i made that was sayin sumthin bout"landing my kinky machine" and"you will never hear surf music again"total nonsense,but it did scare away the polkas,

Actually, despite my previous post, I have myself experienced “electronic voice phenomenumnumnums”.

Although; I didn’t hear any prophesies nor similar religious type stuff, rather it was all about quantum crystallisation and black hole radiation.

That’s the last time I go to a Stephen Hawking lecture without a garlic necklace and a vial of holy water. :(


You’ve heard him lecture? Cool.

Nah Tom, never met the guy.

'Twas just artistic licence in an attempt to make the joke work, (an attempt that obviously failed. :( )


No I got the joke, but I thought that just perhaps…

Well, I’ve seen him on TV! :)

Sorry Tom.

Although, given the time and place of our mutual academic endeavours, it would be an easy claim to make: “Yeah, me and Stephen used to get totally rat-arsed in the union bar together. In fact, it was only after a very heavy night on the Guinness that he developed the idea of black hole radiation!..” LOL

But, sadly, never met him not heard him lecture.

There again, he never met me nor heard me pontificate, so, who’s the real loser! :laugh: