Electronica / experimental

Elaborate, constantly changing, original

Elaborate, constantly changing electronic music, with complex rhythms. A mixture of midi and loops sequenced by Shea Springer using Fruity Loops, mastered using endorphin and n-track. Opinions please…

Here., then select the music page and click on ‘Bangkok’.

Thanks for listening.

Don’t like it T, all on it’s own like that, but it would sound purty good with a smooth guitar riff on top, nothing too crazy, and some real bass.

My 2cents, my 2 biased cents cause Kraftwork turned me off to electronica.

Aha… Honest opinion - best proven by some negative comment. Well thats why I posted it here…

I mean in this case, I REALLY had no idea what people would think, as it is such a strange piece of music. My guess was that many (maybe most) people will not like it. The question is whether there are a few who do. One thing that Shea was doing was to push the rhythms to the brink of chaos and then pull them back into order. I personally don’t like what this does to the song, but he loves it. But the whole thing is an experiment, so I guess that there is supposed to be some dispute. I am especially curious what folks who like electronica will think. I think that most people either love it or hate it.

I guess that your are thinking that some melodic guitar on top would hold things together and make the song more coherent? Hmm. Have to think about how that would work. But maybe you got something there.

Thanks again for taking time to comment StuH.


Actually though one thing I did notice with that tune, something that sparked my imagination a bit was the record scratching effects. Instead of associating it with a hip hop scratch, it reminded me of brief static between channels on a radio, then bang the melody changes. So I envisioned surfing through radio stations.

Even if the guitar suggestion doesn’t fly, some real bizarre synthesized vocals would be cool. Not singing, just jibberish talk at variable frequencies. Maybe pulling it together isn’t the answer, maybe making it more sublime is the ticket but it just needs something over top to drive it.

well,i guess i’m the self-appointed electronic-music-guy here(scince i never see any other) .Love them fruity loops-nice little groove…good sequencing!i use FL alot-sometimes the output can get kinda monolithic,so i add samples and whatnot outside Fl(host).here’s a song made from an irate phone call(tempest)another with a vocal sample(the call),one with synths and samples from a sci-fi movie(contact).just to whet your electroappetite,the song “drum” is made with Reason.if you like FL,you gotta check Reason!
Much Encouragement,Shea!Good Stuff :)


You guys have given me an interesting idea. What if we built on StuHs concept of channel surfing. Then use Audiobrus idea of sampling. Maybe capture some bits from radio Moscow, the BBC, Bejing, and a Spanish language station, etc. Faintly overlay some of the quieter sections with these samples. Change of melody = change of station and language. The change of language would help people catch on to whats happening. The tune becomes sort of a communally developed metaphor…

What do you think? Too heavy a load for a skinny horse? Or worth pursuing?

EDIT: Thanks for the comments Audiobru. I had already been to your website, and was hoping you’d give a listen and have something to add. If I get a chance to follow up on this project I’m going to try to keep the way that you use the stereo field in mind. I think that adds a lot to your soundscapes. I’ll be layering on top of what Shea has done. That is one of the ways that he and I work together on projects.

I like it. The constantly changing rhythms makes this interesting enough for me to listen twice and not tire of it. I think a sampled human voice of a single syllable (kinda like a stutter) may be effective in places in this piece.

I listened to some of the other songs. Your son has talent.


Thanks DC…

Yeah, I can see using a stutter, particularly as a rhythmic device. I’m really liking the idea of using a communal think-tank to build a song. This could be cool.


cool-i think your idea with the radio snips is good.in fact,if you have time,listen to “transmission” on this page.that’s the exact idea here-as you"fly" over Mexico,you hear different EZLN radio outlets in indiginous languages throughout the country-syncronicity!(this on FL,no keyboard-used the piano roll in a motel in Hermosia…samples pulled from the web.i think it’s great you two can work together!i’ll be listening…


Audiobru - Thanks again. Tried to download ‘Transmission’. Got an .ASP script error. So I couldn’t listen to it.


i’ll check it-
alternate location-

http://www.archive.org/details/audiobru :)

(this is a very interesting site,if you’re not familiar,please look around-everything from industrial safety films to Wm. Burroughs and great Creative Commons music to download)(legal)

:) Add some suitably ethereal voices. Preferably in French, and call Claude Challe about the next Nirvana Lounge CD. Seriously I like it as is… But agree it can move on from here,

Well, I took everbody’s suggestions in hand and went to work. Then I got this one particular voice clip, and then my somewhat questionable sense of humor began to assert itself. When this has happened in the past, it has often led to what might be called ‘unfortunate results’. Maybe this time too. Out the window went the idea of ‘ethereal voices’ overlaying the originally somewhat haunting quieter sections of the instrumenation. Smooth guitar as an overlay? Hah, not with the bizarre piece of music(?) that organized itself before my eyes. You’ll find the new version here. Go to the music page and click on Bankgkok II

It truly is a bit of nonsense but it now seems to me a funny and peculiar thing, and I had a lot of laughs putting it together. Thanks for the ideas everyone chipped in. I would never have gone in this direction without your suggestions, nor would I have had the attendant fun.

So is it a true abomination? Actually it’s OK with me if it is. The question of interest now is: Did you get any fun out of it? Any more ideas or suggestions?
(Yes, I would count get it off the web quick as a reasonable suggestion).


can’t get the link to work-can’t wait to hear it!:)

Hi Audiobru,

I edited the link on the post. Should work now.


wow-very nice!intriguing samples,great layout-i’m impressed!ilike the filter work throughout.congrats!i want to hear more…nice work both of you:)

Sounds good T, what does shea think of it?

Like it :) The voices were not quite what I imagined :laugh: But it works!!
Nice stuff!

And to answer the question in the song " It was Robbie "



Thanks for giving a listen.

Shea has been out of pocket and out of contact for the last few days. He is studying industrial design at the University of Cincinatti and until tonight, he thoroughly tied up with end-of-quarter tasks. So he still hasn’t heard the added spoken word stuff, and I don’t know what he will think. Probably I should have waited to post it until I heard what he had to say, but I was having too much fun with it. He loves anything that has even a twinge of humor to it, so if he doesn’t think my stab at humor has failed completely, I suspect he’ll like it. He was actually working at a little recording studio in Cincinatti when I called him tonight, so he said that he would listen afterwords. I’ll post what he says when I get to talk to him again.