Elephant does self portrait

:) Wow!


i often wonderd what elephants did in thier spare time…

like tarzan would have said…

“TIMBA OUNNGOWAHA” (which means put down the brush and get back to work,in elephant) :cool:

Whatever next? Flying penguins?


Makes you wonder doesn’t it? It’s so easy to fake this kind of stuff. Nowadays where do we stand legally with CCTV footage etc?.. “the video clearly shows you mugging the old lady you ruffian!”… “but I was on holiday in the bahamas at the time m’lord”. “That’s no excuse. You’re nicked sonny!”

I saw that, and looked up the art dealer(s) - you can get elephant paintings from 350 USA dollars to 500, to 12,000 for a large mural. Also, the one in the video is by far the most talented. And some of the paper they are using is dung paper!

Here: the money goes to supporting them: