Eliminating clipping?

Does N-Track have a way to eliminate clipping in a wave file? I’m not sure I understand where N-Tracks wave editor capabilities end and an external wave editor becomes necessary. I see where you can analyze the selection or whole file for clipping but nowhere to fix it (Eliminate the highs and lows).
What is a good wave editor to use with N-Track? I have Audacity, which is a free download sound editor - anyone have experience with this? Recommendations are appreciated.



NTrack is a multi track recorder and not a dedicated wave editor, so it lacks some of the more advanced and sophisticated functions that a wave editor would have.
Having said that, NTrack does a pretty good job anyway.

Regarding clipping, if the wav was clipped during recording then there is nothing you, or any piece of software can do to remove it.
The nearest I have seen is a function in Cool Edit Pro, which “rounds off” the square clipped sections to reduce the “thwack” audible on clipped recordings. It works, after a fashion…

I think Audacity allows you to “draw” the wave file if you zoom in close enough. This may or may not be an option, depending on how much clipping you have.

Other than that, you’ll just have to record the whole thing again at a lower volume.

We’ve all been there :(


I would point out that the clipping search in N-track indicates the points where the software clips on the current level settings. Just turning master volume (or individual tracks to blame) down a bit helps.

On the other hand if you’re recorded something so loud it has been really clipped the clip search doesn’t find it if the overall level has been turned down. I also tend to think that there’s no such editor that would be able to turn the clipped wav file into non clipped…

As Steve said, once it’s clipped it’s garbage.
(or as my old computer prof used to say, “Garbage In, Garbage Out”)

Soundfonge will also let you draw in the waveform with a pencil tool, but it’s no way to salvage a bad take…

Yes, what everyone else has said. Of course if you can’t rerecord…

Just wanted to add that I use Goldwave as my wave editor. Very nice.

n-Track verson 5 can edit at the sample level. Just keep zooming into the waveform until you see individual dots on the waveform. Grab a dot with the mouse and move it to redraw the waveform.