Embarrassing Signal Flow Q:

Basic Operations in n-Track

Allright, my n-Track registration came, and I’m digging in. I’ve been importing some new/old work into the app, and have a Q or two, if anyone doesn’t mind too much-

1) When applying efx to tracks, there’s a little window that pops up. I choose the effect I want, and it appears in a list in this window. Now, is the effect activated when I click on the little green square and it turns red?

2) Mixdown: If there are effects attributed to a Group, or to the Master Out of a session, and I go to render or mixdown to a stereo file, I’m believing that those attributed effects are applied destructively to the session at this point, and are now “part of” the final mix. Right?

Hey, it’s elementary, but so am I. :p It may be that some more time with the ‘Help File’ will be of ‘Help’… but I can’t sit and read text on the screen for that long! Printer next…

Thanks for your time, all, once again.

When you click the littel square and it turns red it means the effect is disabled. Green means that effect is enabled.

Mixdown - the effects are applied and part of the resultant mixdown.
But they aren’t applied destrcutively to any of the wav files in the project.

Hope that makes sense…


Yes indeed- simple question, simple answer! Thank you, Rich.

If you go to the help file of Ntracks, there’s a signal flow diagram you can look at. I think Richlum was the guy who made it as well.

As much as I would like to take the credit it was not moi who did the signal flow diagram… I think that has been around for a while… I haven’t really looked at it but seem to remember it being around since v2.x


That was added in 3.1 or so, and hasn’t been updated but I believe little or nothing has changed other than the names of some controls. For a 3.2 version only slightly updated from the one in Help, see http://www.artistcollaboration.com/users…v4.html. This applies to 3.3 for sure. I’m still running 3.3 and haven’t taken the time to see if any updates are needed for V4.

interesting… i didn’t realize that signal path was provided with the n-track install. i remember quite awhile back working on a hammed up vectorized version of that diagram in PDF format. it printed very nice. probably still have it around somewhere, but it too would be way out of date.

Well, I’ll go have a look-see at that. Thanks all, for the heads-up, and for your work!

Ok, I’ll say it: In case anyone hasn’t figured it out, learjeff made that signal diagram! :D As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words…but this one’s definitely worth many more. :)

[PS-I really hope I’m not wrong here :) ]

No it was Learjeff. I knew it was SOMEONE on here, just couldn’t remember.

Thank you, Learjeff, for the nice diagram! Especially on behalf of all us greenhorns.


It was kinda fun to figure out anyway. I’ve used it myself more than once!

Believe it. Mastering signal flow is, to me, the Rice Paper Walk of the recording endeavors.

Gotta get my printer hooked up.