Embedding ISRC codes with NTrack

How to Embed ISRC codes

I’ve done a lot of searches on line about how to embed ISRC’s. There seems to be a lot of confusion on this topic and not a lot of clear answers. Getting them seems easy enough but the actual “how to embed for each track” isn’t so clear. I can find no info on it in the NTrack manual and when people ask “what software can you use to do it”? There is always a very vague list of answers that usually end in “I think” or “but I’m not sure how”. I don’t have the cash to purchase a whole different program just to put these codes into the tracks for my albums (I’ve seen tutorials for Presonus) so if there are any learned folks out there that can give a detailed description on this I think it might help a good many people. Well I know it would sure help me LOL.
Thank you for your time and happy tracking everyone!

PS MY contact at my CD manufacturer even told me that it might be possible to do it with windows Media player but I don’t see it being possible for individual tracks. Just a blanket data entry. But I’m probably wrong.
Also I did a search here before I wrote this. Just to let you know. lol.

Sorry for not telling what I use etc. I thought my info posted with my post. lol.
Windows 7 NTrack 64 bit
Presonus Firestudio

If more needed I’ll tell.

I know I had a Roxie CD burner software a whiles back that you could embed ISRC codes into songs with.

Usually, it has been my experience Burning based softwares will have the ability.

something like Exact Audio Copy, Nero, etc will work.

dontcare :cool:

Thanks Don’t Care, I’m probably going to end up purchasing either Sony CD Architect 5.2 (but it doesn’t support VSTs not that thats crucial) or Wavelab 7 neither of which have detailed info on how they operate to do the things I need in my searches so far.

I like CD Architech myself. It will let you add the codes as well as titles and such. Unfortuantly, it is not entirely intuitive, however little practice you’ll figure it out. They haven’t upgraded CD architect in a long time but it seems to run fine under Windows 7 even in 64-bit. I use along with my sound forge 10 and they work very well together. Most of the plug-ins I use allow me to select either VST or direct X and it’s just been easier to use direct X although I do believe that sound forge will accept VST. Actually, I do most anything with plug-ins when I am working in N-track. Much easier to control what I’m working on and I’ve never really liked the way sound forge requires you to render your plug-ins. Much easier to adjust as you add them using N-track. Sound forge 10 does include some really nice plug-ins including some from isotope to use when mastering. They work great. Not the least expensive program around for sure. However, if you want to try them out and give you 30 days with their downloads from their Internet site.

Thanks for the advice and the experience Bax. I started the 30 day trial for CD Architect and I agree with you on all points lol. But after a bit of reading and tooling around in it I think I can do what I need to do with Architect. The price isn’t too crazy and since I do all the other Mastering in Ntrack 32 bit after tracking in Ntrack 64 Bit (I find the 64 bit runs smoother and uses the full RAM when using lots of tracks but that’s just IMHO) I can enter the song info and ISRC’s as well as lining up all the tracks as I want them for the album in Architect. I saw some places on the web that offer Architect for $40 but I don’t trust them as the program sells for around $90 from Sony. So I’ll bite the bullet I think and buy it from Sony so everything is on the up and up.
Thanks again and happy tracking.