New song by Charlie Thomas…

Just finished recording the drums today. Please check out the rough mix at Emergency.

I’m on slide & vocal harmony. Charlie does lead vocal, all guitars & bass. Jeff Moulds plays drums.

Thanks in advance.


Fantastic song, great vocals and the musicianship is superb.


Guy - thanks! I’ll tell Charlie. Charlie is the “pro” on the recording.

How about the mix (I did it very quickly)?

Sounded good to me Mike. The vocal harmonies on “emergency” are really catchy. Playing and singing were all top notch. Does “new” mean that Charlie composed it? If so, great job there too. The false ending was effective. Two things come to mind:
1.When the lead guitar first comes in (I think that’s you on slide?) I felt like it was a little too piercing. I’m far from pro on this recording stuff, but if it were my mix, I’d try to soften that somehow. You could no doubt lecture me on all the “hows” to do that, so feel free to do so, and feel free to tell me the lead is at the exact whatever it should be.
2.The song makes me think of John Lennon’s “They’re Trying To Crucify Me” if I got the title right. That may be a good thing. Just pointing it out in case it’s significant to you guys in any way.

Thanks for listening. Yes - this is one of Charlie’s songs.

If you mean the slide at the end of the song, yes - it’s too hot in the mix. There’s a little section of slide in the beginning where I get some feedback on my Super Champ. Charlie wanted that hot in the mix for an effect.

Thanks again.

Great song …great playing…enjoyed very much…shades of
Savoy Brown…Yo!
the mix was good but think the drums are a little thin on eq…everything else was fine!

I think the mix is good and everythng sits well. I like the drums, but personal tastes differ. Do another mix and we’ll compare the two.


I agree that the drums are alittle thin. Man - it’s so hard to get a good drum sound which is why I’ve used drum machines in the past & programmed my own kits.

Here’s the final mix. Whatcha’ think?


Yes it’s hard recording drums, found that out last year and drum machines don’t raid yer fridge when ya have a recording session too. Listened to several of your songs this time and liked them all very much. Did you use a drum machine on your other originals? What I had to do with the demo I made for the band I was in last year was go back and compare live drummer to my drum machine tracks. It will make you pull out a little hair trying to get them alike in sound and mix but it did help me. Love your sound and music tho very much.:smiley:

Thanks for listening! I have CDs for sale on my web site (shameless plug).

On my songs it is a drum machine. On Rockin in the Free World & Emergency, it’s the drummer that plays in our band.