empty file


why is it that I frequently find my saved wav file is empty?

I think you need to give us a few more details…

I would if I could!

Very often after saving a wav file when I go to insert it or open it I get the message ‘wav file is empty’ which indeed it is - other times the file is saved successfully -

I thought upgrading to 4.1.5 had sorted it, but it hasn’t - I’m still getting a lot of empty wave files

I think you need to specify how the empty .wavs were created, if you want anyone to write something useful. :)

He has a point,

Alot of things can make a file come up as empty.

For instance,
If you change directories,
Start saving files into, “My music”, then later put other files in “my documents”
If the file was saved into a directory other than the one Ntrack is currently cofigured to save to it will show up empty.
Also if you change frequencies like from 44000 to 48000 that has caused this err for me in the past.
But I would bet nine times out of ten its a directory problem.
You sometimes can search for a file manually, if you can remember the directory you originaly saved it in, and know the file name. Unfortunatly many users forget to name a project when starting so the wav. files just get assigned numbers. like newsong_1.wav ect. After a couple hundred of these it’s like a needle in a haystack trying to manually find a file.
One time I downloaded winamp, and while setting it up I somehow changed my audio settings,this caused the same err once again. I never did figutre out what I did or how to fix it, so I had to reload Windows(PITA) to return my settings back to the defaults.

Also, I would not downlaod the latest version as a solution. From what I have read here, that only posses more problems for novice users. Stick with a version you know is reliable, if you don’t know of the last stable build, ask, someone will let you know.
Hope that helps,


it’s not a directory issue - I know exactly which folder I’m saving to - soemtimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t

it seems to be related to whether I

mixdown while playing

or not

I may be wrong, but I’m sure this didn’t use to be a ‘must’; now I find I simply have to ‘mixdown while playing’ and if I don’t the wav file is empty

perhaps it was always thus, & I’ve just forgotten!


I think this is an issue with NTrack, I have certainly heard of this problem before when doing a mixdown whilst playing, but I thought it had been fixed in later builds.
Try looking at the changelog, you may see it listed.


When you say “the wave file is empty”, do you mean that the wave file has zero length (i.e. the file has close to zero bytes) or that it has zero volume (i.e. it has the right length but no sound)?

A zero volume file would be created if the master volume, of the output channel you are mixing down to, is muted/set to zero for some reason.
You wouldn’t notice that in an off-line mixdown.

BTW Beefy: I seem to remember the problem used to be the other way around, i.e. off-line working but online not (or not right).
Not sure though…