Emu 0404 and Midi issue


Well, this may be a little on the long side. My apologies in advance. The topic here is MIDI and the 0404 card. I’ve got this problem with drums recorded via midi. Now, I have to sound modules to choose from: An Alesis Q7.1 and a Boss DR-770. Both work in the same way. I record the track and N-track does a seemingly great job of recording the data. I can see it in the piano roll, and it looks accurate (to my “performance” – I could only WISH it would be accurate to what’s in my HEAD!!!)

Anyway, I go to play the file back, right? It starts off strong. On the beat and in time. But within 8 measures or so, it’s starts bogging down. and I mean BOGGING. This isn’t a latency issue. Doesn’t matter which module I use. By the time I’m 20 measures in, I’m getting the kick and snare from bar 11 to finally play. Completely useless.

So…here’s what I think I know:
1. It’s not the sound modules – I’ve tried both modules with the same results.
2. It’s not the cables – I’ve changed it out.
3. EMU is not getting real good feedback on the 0404 --I’ve updated the drivers to the latest 1.8x – and there ‘unofficial’ forum is chock full of unanswered issues.
4. I can’t say whether it’s an N-track issue – could be, but it seems to be recording just fine. Maybe there’s a tweak I’ve missed along the way? I’ve tried the latency compensation thing and the Wave/System – System actually allows me to do a click track via midi (which is immediately recorded and discarded). I do have a second recording program which I think I’ll be reinstalling tonight, just to see what happens…

All in all, it seems like it’s a midi issue as opposed to a driver issue – But that’s just a gut feeling.

I’m open to suggestions. :p


I have a EMU0404 - really pleased with it

When you say ‘bogged down’ do you mean that you can hear that the music is out of beat or that you can see that the music is out of step with what you can see in piano roll?

I have the latter issue where the music is playing ahead of what I can see, but sonically, in time

Bogged down sonically. The snare/kick in bar 3 sonically sounds in measure 18 or whatever.

I’m very happy with my EMU as well at least from an audio perspective. and really, in terms of the midi functionality, the EMU is only a suspect at this point. I’ll be bringing him in for questioning later. :blues:

No idea really.

All I can suggest is that you do some searches on this site (and perhaps the AUdio Minds site) and check out your vital midi and buffering, etc. setups.

One thing that springs to mind though is that the EMU doesn’t have its own in-built synth, like with some cards. You are therefore using either a default Windows synth or an add-in. I wonder if there are timing issues with the set up of whatever kit it is you are using. I admit I am struggling trying to remember what I did to set my EMU up here, as it is one of those things I tend to set and gorget, literally!

Sometimes though, I use the Live setting for times when I am playing back through and recording with plug-ins.

Good luck


Thanks for the reply. I was going to bump the issue today anyway. You’re right – the EMU doesn’t have a built in synth. But I’m not using a softsynth–I’m using an Alesis keyboard, and a Boss-DR770 (hardware). I’ve looked thru the settings for each (I’ve had an Alesis for what–8 years?) and found nothing.

Really frustrating. Anyone know of a good “midi-only-type” forum? :(

Apologies, totally overlooked your opening para.???

There are a few configs. that could be changed in the midi set-up area to see if this helps or resolves the issue. Might be worth a try.

Have I got it right that you are recording drums and notice the lag when playing back only the drums? If so, how does your outboard midi struff synch with n-track? Do you have to set anything or is everything syched via the midi lead.

I’m not much of a midi buff, as you have probably guessed by now. I just use a midi controller keyboard via USB with soft synths. But I know a man who can, so to speak…

Sound On Sound has a good forum and there is a very strong midi presence