emu 0404 problems

we use ntrack recording software to record our band. so far our new emu card works fine except for one thing, midi playback is delayed in comparision to wav playback. we use either the “midi mapper” or the “microsoft gs wavetable sw synth”. both of those yield the same results, delayed midi playback. we have a second sound card installed, it is onboard. we have made sure that emu is selected for recording and playback in the windows control panel and in ntrack. we have even disabled the onboard sound. do i have to go even further and uninstall the onboard sound, or could the issue lie elsewhere? we have tried changing the midi settings in ntrack but that doesnt seem to do anythign either. thanks you for your time.


The problem is probably the microsoft gs wavetable sw synth. I assume that is the only MIDI sound module you have.

In n-Tracks prferenses, there is a option to adjust the delay of the playback to a specific MIDI file… but I never tried that. Rather, I think you should try downloading the soundfontplayer sfz (http://www.rgcaudio.com/sfz.htm) and a suitable SF2-file (lots of places to find those) with the MIDI instruments you need. You’ll probably find GS as a soundfont. MIDI latency should improve. The delay induced by a VSTi plugin should be much smaller than what the windows sw synth.

Good luck!

thank you, i will try that and let you know how it goes. i really appreciate your feedback!


Ok, i have installed the plug in and i got some good sound fonts. i got it so that the instruments play the midi events and they dont have latency but here is another problem. every few notes the plugin will skip one of the notes. for example i have a drum track and every couple of notes a cymbol or a tom or something wont play. i know that the sound fonts are sometimes limited as far as which midi notes they have but earlier in the song the same notes do play and then later on they are blocked out. is there some sort of limitattion cause this plug in is free or am i doing something wrong? let me know if i can explain this any better. thanks again.


That is strange. Does the problem excist when only single instruments are used? I’m no expert when it comes to sfz, or MIDI in general. The only thing I can think of is that the instrument is being choked by too much data. In preferences, there is a setting for tics per quarter-note. Try decreasing that. Also, sfz might have problem with large soundfonts. But this is all speculation on my part.

One way is to get a soundblaster live card for soundfont playback. Cheap. Or buying some of the software E-mu has to offer for their cards. They are a relatively good deal.

Of course, there might be a problem with your set-up that any of this won’t remedy. Is your computer up to par? Disableing the onboard sound in BIOS is a good idea, if you don’t use it.


yeah im sure my computer is up to par its a 2.4 ghz 800mhz fsb with 512mb of ddr400 and im using a 10000 rpm sata hard drive (the western digital raptor) so im pretty sure that makes the cut. also i have the on board audio disabled. i guess you are probably right in that i should probably get the emu software. im just really up tight for cash right now so its kind of something i cant justify doing when the sfz plugin is so close to being good enough. thank you for your reply again :o)

ummmm…My 0404 came w/ Cubase 4.0 VST software and a load of other stuff. Did yours not? You might try that, since you’ve already paid for it…