EMU 0404

EMU 0404 users out there?

Probably shouldn’t have changed so many variables at one time… I bought an EMU (Creative) 0404 soundcard from Musicians Friend and upgraded to N-Track Ver. 4 (24-bit) at the same time… any other EMU users out there? Since it’s 24 bit (so they tell me) it can’t use the native Windows volumej controls, etc., so it uses what it calls Patchmix as the soundcard interface. Everything appears to work – the recording and playback VU meters – when I’m in N-Track with tracks loaded and ready to record.

Here’s the problem: the playback sounds like distorted caca. When I go to setting/preferences/audio device I choose “1 - E-MU ASIO” from the list on both playback and recording sides (it tells me I can’t use ASIO and MME or WDM at the same time) and the playback is distorted beyond recognition. If I choose “MME: Wave Mapper” on the playback side, playback sounds fine, but it won’t record because I’d have to choose the same thing on the recording side (see above) and would get no signal from the soundcard.

Any ideas? I’m pretty sure it’s just a setting somewhere I’m missing. The Patchmix software mentioned above seems to be working OK.

This is pretty frustrating since I’ve been using N-Track for years and have recorded tons of stuff in 16-bit using version 2. (see http://www.oldschoolband.com/nesbitt/nesbitt4.htm for examples)

Thanks, Bill

Do you have the latest drivers? I have an 1820M and ASIO works with N-track with the ver 1.02 drivers. You are correct in not using the MME or WDM drivers.

I’ll give it a shot. I didn’t know Windows didn’t support 24 bit sound or I might have just settled for a better 16 bit card.

All right, I downloaded the latest drivers from emu.com and guess what? It got better, sort of. It went from “garbled mess” to "would be nice if not for all the static pops."

At least this leads me in the direction that it is a software problem. I’ve e-mailed my good friends at EMU to see if they have any answers. Meantime, any other ideas/suggestions on this august panel would be most welcome. BTW, I’m running 256 MB RAM on an Athlon 700 MHz with XP SP2. Was plenty of horsepower with the 16 bit card.

BTW, I'm running 256 MB RAM on an Athlon 700 MHz with XP SP2

I think your answer is here.

I run 512, athlon 1.4G and WinME. I have to set latency buffer on playback to 150ms to get rid of pops clicks once I am driving plugins and effects, and thats on 16bit. My guess you are struggling for horsepower on 24 bit. Is there a 16bit driver for anyone only using 16bit s/w. Try that?


Eh, I doubt the machine is grunting too much. I assume you have adjusted the ASIO buffers? (They are not the ones you see in the preferences in N-track BTW.)


I didn’t know Windows didn’t support 24 bit sound or I might have just settled for a better 16 bit card.

Windows supports whatever your soundcard supports. However, Media Player specifcally only does 16 bit. Don’t feel bad. There is plenty of reason to have a 24 bit card in Windows. You are not missing out on anything, Media Player is just a crap-o player. :)

Turned up the ASIO latency buffer setting to 200 (it was, like, 2) and playback is good now. Thanks for the help.

Version 4 seems much more the memory hog than Version 2 was. Looks like a mobo upgrade is in my near future.

Still haven’t tried recording yet… may turn out that my overdubs are 5 seconds behind at the end of a three-minute song… I’ll let you know.